A busy program for Emirati cultural institutions in the “Abu Dhabi Book”

A busy program for Emirati cultural institutions in the “Abu Dhabi Book”
A busy program for Emirati cultural institutions in the “Abu Dhabi Book”


May 18, 2023

14:46 pm

Abu Dhabi: «Gulf»
The Emirates Heritage Club is participating in the activities of the thirty-second session of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which is organized by the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, from May 22 to 28.
The club’s pavilion displays a number of distinguished publications in various fields, such as “Sheikh Zayed’s Court”, may God rest his soul in peace, the book “Masterpieces of the Statement in Al Nahyan”, the book “From the Ottoman Documents in the History of the Arabian Peninsula”, and the book “The Development of Urban Planning for the City of Al Ain”. In addition to a number of poetry collections, such as the Divan of Faris al-Sha’ar, the Diwan of Ibn Ateej, the Diwan of Kmidish bin Noman, and volumes of the “Turath” magazine.
The club’s pavilion also organizes a rich cultural program that accompanies the exhibition’s message for this year, which celebrates the concept of “sustainability”, in line with the country’s declaration of 2023 as the year of sustainability.
The program includes a number of cultural and intellectual lectures with the participation of a group of thinkers, writers, researchers and specialized academics, including lectures: “The Emirati Novel … Critical Vision”, “The Documents of the Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula in the Ottoman Archives”, “The Biography of Sheikh Zayed in Gilbert Sinouy’s Falcon Novel”, ” A glimpse of Arab travelers to Constantinople between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries”, “Ibn Khaldun, the social scientist who transcends time and space”, and other lectures.
The club’s pavilion also includes a corner for traditional women’s crafts that introduce visitors to aspects of Emirati culture and heritage, as well as a drawing and coloring activity for children.
The Emirates Heritage Club is keen to participate in the exhibition in order to achieve its mission to preserve, disseminate and consolidate heritage and introduce it, and in support of its cultural efforts as an institution concerned with cultural and heritage research and studies, as the club used to register its presence in major forums locally and regionally.
On the other hand, the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation participates in the exhibition with a distinguished group of cultural activities that reflect its identity in awarding prizes and appreciating creators in the Arab world.
The Foundation’s program, which will be held in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, aims to celebrate the creators who won the Foundation’s awards. Two poetic evenings will be held on the main platform of the exhibition, Dr. 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 25th.
Cultural events continue in the Foundation’s pavilion, where the novelist and writer Nabil Suleiman presents a symposium entitled “The Aesthetics of Narrative Narration in the Emirates,” accompanied by a signing ceremony for his novel, “The Walls of the Levant. Friday 26 May.
On Wednesday, May 24, at 7:00 pm, a symposium entitled “Experiences and Voices…Testimonies in the Emirati Novel” will be held, in which the journalist Jamal Matar, the storyteller Saleha Obaid Hassan, and the storyteller Afraa Mahmoud will participate.
In cooperation with the Emirates Book Club, novelist Dr. Miral El-Tahawy held a discussion session about her novel (The Days of the Rising Sun), which was discussed by the journalist, Nawar Abu Ghazi, and presented by the critic, Dr. Mahmoud Bakri Al-Amin, with the participation of Dr. Fatima Al-Budi and Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhanhani, at 6:00 pm on Saturday, May 27.
The Foundation concludes its cultural program in the exhibition at 7:30 pm on Saturday, May 27, with two signing ceremonies for its latest publication: (Hymns of Echo… The Experience of the Poet Ahmed Issa Al-Assam as a Model) by critic Dr. Haitham Yahya Al-Khawaja, and Dr. Shaker Nuri signs his book (Thani Al-Suwaidi… hair straightener).

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