The activities of the Medina Book Fair kicked off today, Thursday

The activities of the Medina Book Fair kicked off today, Thursday
The activities of the Medina Book Fair kicked off today, Thursday

Today, Thursday, May 18, the activities of the second session of the “Madinah Book Fair 2023” kicked off, in the southern region of the King Salman International Exhibition and Convention Center in Medina.

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The city fair continues until Saturday, May 27; As a cultural platform that celebrates the book industry in the first capital in the history of Islam, “Tayyibah al-Tayyibah”, and contributes to developing the reading skills of its community and visitors, and increasing knowledge and cultural awareness.

The exhibition will witness the participation of about 300 local, Arab and international publishing houses that will enrich its pavilions, decorate its shelves, and present its latest publications, with more than 60,000 titles on an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters, over ten consecutive days, from 2 pm until 12 midnight.

The authority provides visitors and book lovers with a valuable opportunity to meet writers, creators, and writers within a diverse cultural program, including dialogue sessions, poetry evenings, “book talk” meetings, plays, and book signing platforms.

The dialogue sessions will deal with fields of culture in general in literary, knowledge and scientific tracks, and discuss contemporary local and global cultural issues, with the participation of brilliant names from inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to specialized workshops that will revolve around a number of knowledge fields.

For the first time, the exhibition will provide workshops for the deaf and dumb category. To meet their needs and benefit from their skills, and to qualify the community to deal with them.

The exhibition has set its sights on children’s skills and culture, through dozens of literary and cultural activities that enhance the creative abilities of children and adolescents, with the aim of inspiring them, developing their love of reading and curiosity, enhancing the reading aspect in modern and innovative ways, and strengthening self-confidence, in the children’s pavilion for which the exhibition was dedicated. The largest of its areas, believing in the importance of reading and knowledge for the child, and finding the “educated child” in the new generations.

The Medina Book Fair 2023 comes as the second book fair organized by the Commission for Literature, Publishing and Translation at the level of the Kingdom in the current year, as it was preceded by the Eastern Book Fair that was held last March, as part of the “Book Fairs” initiative that the Commission is implementing in light of its strategy to develop its three sectors, The Book Authority is also working through this initiative to organize various book fairs in various regions of the Kingdom. To reach the largest segment of reading lovers, and to provide them with the opportunity to meet exhibitors and writers in a distinctive literary and cultural atmosphere.