The signing ceremony of lawyer Silwan Sader’s book, and the words emphasized its importance

Subscribe for free to Al-Diyar channel on YouTube. A heavy presence filled the grand celebration hall on the fifth floor of the “House of the Lawyer” for the Beirut Bar Association at the invitation of the Beirut Bar Association and human rights publications Issued to sign the book “The Fundamentals of Resolving Sports Disputes Before the International Court of Arbitration for Sport” by its author, Lawyer Silwan Victor issued.

The attendance was led by Attorney Ibrahim Choueiri, representing the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. George Kallas, Chairman of the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee, Representative Simon Abi Ramia, Commander of the High Center for Military Sports, Colonel P.S.C. Mikhael Musa, representing the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, and Brigadier General Hussein Khashefa, representing the Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, Dr. Boutros Al-Jalkh, Acting Director General of Sports and Scout Facilities, Director of the Sports Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mohamed Oweidat, Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, Head of the Implementation Department in Beirut, Judge Najah Itani, Public Prosecutor at the Court of Accounts, Judge Fawzi Khamis, President of the Beirut Bar Association Nader Gaspar, Member of the Beirut Bar Association Council and Head of Apprenticeship Lectures Lawyer Alexander Najjar, Government Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Roland Al-Shartouni, Military Investigative Judge Najat Abu Chakra, President of the Arbitration Labor Council in Tripoli Judge Emile Azar, Head of the Department Execution in Al-Matn Judge Antoine Tohme, Single Criminal Judge in Beirut Bassem Taqi Al-Din, Judge Yara Samaan, Judge Ikram Al-Shaer, Single Military Judge Colonel Abdul Rahman Shaheen, Director General of the Lebanese Parliament Hadi Afif, Head of the Legal Department in the Lebanese Forces Party, Lawyer Elian Fakhry and Hashd Among the academics and doctors of the university included Dr. Joseph Rizkallah, Dr. Nadim Abboud, Adi Abu Zakhem, representing the head of the Kataeb Party, MP Sheikh Sami Gemayel, Rola Assi, representing the head of the Lebanese Paralympic Committee, Randa Asi Berri, the lawyer Albert Yammine, representing the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, Jihad Salameh, the head The Lebanese Fencing Federation, the President of the Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Habib Zarifa, the President of the Chess Federation, Jawdat Shaker, the President of the Kung Fu Federation, Dr. George Nossair, Sami Garabedian, the President of the University Sports Federation, and representatives of the triathlon, cycling, kickboxing and golf federations, in addition to a crowd of sports and judicial figures and the press And the media.

the words

The ceremony opened with the Lebanese national anthem and the Bar Association anthem, after which the media master, Crystal Khalil, delivered a welcoming speech to the audience, introducing the ceremony speakers.

The first speech was given by Dr. Habib Zarifa, President of the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation. He talked about his experience in sponsoring lawyer Silwan Sader, the Taekwondo champion, being the first to discuss with him the lack of sports laws and the need to work on legal legislation for Lebanese sports, saluting his insistence on pursuing legal work despite all the difficulties. And the obstacles that faced him, so he produced a reference that the Lebanese sports life lacks.

As for Oweidat, he touched on the history of international arbitration and the failure of the Lebanese attempt to launch an arbitration center in recent years, calling on the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee to take legislative action to benefit from Silwan Sader’s experience and his first legal book in the Lebanese Library to work on launching a real Lebanese arbitration council to avoid sharp sports disputes, as is the case. currently .

The speech of the President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, Dr. Boutros Al-Jalakh, began by stressing the existence of a single Lebanese Olympic Committee, with no division or weakness in it, but rather a reckless adventure that the Olympic Committee seeks to absorb with the power of truth and the International Olympic Law to re-correct the course of sports life, indicating in his speech the importance of a published book and action. To benefit from his experience in establishing the Lebanese arbitration on the principles of integrity, transparency and commitment to the International Olympic Charter.

As for the speech of the head of the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee, Representative Simon Abi Ramia, it elaborated on the current sports reality as a result of the legislative deficiency, pointing to the committee’s discussion of a book issued and its decision to cooperate with it in order to update the laws related to Lebanese sports in order to achieve the principles of fair sports that Lebanese sports youth deserve.

Captain Caspar spoke about the work of the Bar Association in supporting and encouraging the research and academic work of lawyers in order to develop the Lebanese legislation, noting Sader’s efforts in providing the Lebanese Law Library with the first academic legal book concerned with resolving sports disputes, which is a gain for every researcher, jurist and athlete.

The speech of the author, Silwan Sader, included an explanation in a simplified legal language of the most important chapters of the book and the stages of its authorship, thanking everyone who supported him in his struggle to complete his legal book, especially the support of the President of the Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Sports in the union to him, he also thanked his first school and his club Mont La Salle in the person of Jihad Salama and Fadi Nabulsi, who embraced the dreams of his youth and witnessed his first successes. Finally, thanks go to Dar Sader for Human Rights Publications, in the person of Captain Joseph Sader and lawyer Rani Sader, who opened the door for him to launch the first Lebanese mathematical law book.

In conclusion, Sader signed and dedicated his book to the official, judicial, legal, military, sports and journalist audience, before the celebration ended with a cocktail for the occasion.