The seventh day of the 49th Book Fair in the Cultural League.. Seminars, signings, evenings, and a crowd of visitors – Ambassador of the North






The events and activities of the 49th Book Fair continue on its seventh day in the Cultural Association, which was visited by former Minister Samir Al-Jisr, lawyer Salima Adeeb Rifi, Sheikh Osama Shaaban, Secretary of the Governorate and Acting Secretary of the Municipalities of El-Mina and Qalamoun Iman Al-Rafei, Secretary of the Human Homeland Project Doreen Abboud, Dr. Joumana Chahal Tadmuri, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University, Dr. Heba Shandab Murad, Director of the Beirut Arab University, North Branch, Dr. Khaled Baghdadi, Director of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hajj, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Dr. Fawaz Kabbara, President of the General Labor Union in the North, Captain Shadi Al-Sayed, former Ambassador Dr. . Khaled Ziada, Haj Abdul Ghani Kabbara, President of the North Haven Club, Fouad Al-Hajj, responsible for the women’s sector in the Al-Azm Movement, Janan Moubayed Skaf, journalist Asmaa Wahba, head of the Northern Seminar, Faisal Derniqa, head of the Aman movement, Dr. Muhammad Hazouri, President of the Tripoli Tourist Association, Engineer Muhammad Majzoub, Dr. Omar Al-Hilweh, Advisor, Journalist Ahmed Darwish, Leader of the Scouts of Tomorrow, Abdul Razzaq Awad, and friends and a crowd of the people of the city and the neighborhood.

As for the accompanying activities, a symposium was held entitled: “Culture and Cultural Identity” delivered by Dr. Fawaz Kabbara, and discussed by Dr. Mustafa Al-Hilweh, and another symposium entitled: “Michael Naima in the eyes of Suha Naima Haddad” in addition to distinguished highlights with the storyteller Caroline Zagreb in the booth of the Forum Green ball poet Abdullah Shehadeh cultural.
A lecture was also held entitled: “The subtleties of miracles in the Holy Qur’an” by Sheikh Osama Shaaban.
In terms of book signings, a series of new publications have been signed: “This is how I knew my father” by Dr. Salah El-Din Al-Hawari in the wing of Jinan University, and a CD entitled: “Have Mercy on Human 8” by the poet Muhammad Hassan in the wing of Al-Wefaq Newspaper, “Spells of Miracles in the Holy Qur’an By Sheikh Osama Shaaban in the Cultural Association booth, “My Mother Doesn’t Know Everything” by writer Khadija Khaled Al-Khair and the illustrations in the book prepared by Zubaida Tartousi in the Dream Fund booth. An encyclopedia entitled: “The Political Reality in the Arab East, a plastic reading” was signed in the pavilion of the Poet Al-Fayhaa Saba Zureik Cultural Foundation, and another book entitled: “Passing the word beyond the word and accessing the depth of the self” by Dr. Mustafa Al-Hilweh was signed in the pavilion of the Green Koura Poet Abdullah Abdullah Shehadeh al-Thaqafi, and Professor Dr. Riyad Othman signed his new publication entitled: “The Jurisprudence of the Arabic Term between Terminology and Criticism of the Reference Approach” in the booth of the Lebanese University, Faculty of Arts.
Also, AUT University held a musical evening in its wing for the artists Alaa Al-Masry and Ramzi Salhab.
The Tafhum Center organized a sports day in the presence of the center’s director, Ahmed Al-Sharif, and Coach Bashar Mansour, in the center’s pavilion.
Al-Aman Insurance Company continued its pavilion in the health campaign that it organizes to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygen levels for those who wish to visit the exhibition for free, and it will continue until the end of the exhibition.
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition continues until May 21, 2023, daily, from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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