Listen to a book.. Al-Shorouk nominations for the audio book

Listen to a book.. Al-Shorouk nominations for the audio book
Listen to a book.. Al-Shorouk nominations for the audio book

Posted on: Friday, May 19, 2023 – 9:03 PM | Last update: Friday, May 19, 2023 – 10:47 PM

Al-Shorouk newspaper continues to submit its proposals for the audiobook, through its website and the pages of the cultural supplement published in the newspaper every Saturday.

Here are the new week’s nominations:

• Perfect color for sinking
Salah sacrificed
Perfect color for sinking in
N for publishing and distribution
storytel platform
This morning, a small green spot grew on my face, and I did not know what to do about it. I tried to cover it with cosmetics, but it remained visible like the August sun, so I put a medical plaster over it without paying real attention to it, then I went to work.
Human Resources Manager Susan asked me: What happened to me?
She replied that the branch of the tree extending from my open window had hit my face while I was sleeping.
So she asked me to cut down that tree and close my window tightly, so that the morning butterflies would not wake me up. Susan is afraid of butterflies, then she gave me leave in an attempt to control my suicidal tendencies. She suspected that I stab my face every evening.. Fortunately, I did not!

Radwa Ashour
Sunrise House
storytel platform
“It is an important work, and a rare audacity.. Whoever reads this book knows what is the meaning of the Nakba, what is the meaning of losing the homeland, what is the meaning of asylum, and what is the meaning of a life of refuge on the land of the homeland itself, before resorting to another. It is a pyramid of people’s tales. Lebanese historian. Dr. Bayan Nuwaihed Al-Hout – As-Safir Newspaper
“Radwa Ashour’s beautiful new novel “Al-Tanturiyya” is… one of this kind of rare novels, the reading of which dispenses you with reading a number of the many and varied references on Palestine. And its cultivation, its crops, its symbols, and what happened to its people who were forced to flee from it by violence, brutality, ethnic cleansing and killing.” Dr. Sabry Hafez – Al Shorouk Newspaper
In the novel “Al-Tanturiyya”, Radwa Ashour not only tells the biography of Ruqayya, but also achieved a clear victory through narration, thus resolving a struggle over the land and space of the text. A novel that helps us discover, knows our history, who we are, and what we want, because when we know we can. Dr. Karma Sami – Al-Ahram Newspaper

• My journey from doubt to doubt as well
Mostafa Shahib
Al-Riwaq House
storytel platform
This book is for you if: you’ve never seen the first, you can’t make a decision. She is afraid of dogs and yells at cats. You hate the smell of hospitals. I killed a cockroach and waited to watch the ants pick it up. You used to put a correct sign on the police to prove it was wrong also, you got electrocuted when you were young. You’ve lost money for lessons and increased the prices of books. You don’t know your card number. You don’t know the numbers of your father, mother and sisters. You’re afraid to take away the little children. She loses receipts for anything, she uses traffic as an excuse, even if the roads are empty. The best one advises all people and drowns in an inch of water!

One day before the setback
Dr.. Eman Yahya
Sunrise House
storytel platform
A novel that tells about the time of wandering dreams. Three years leading up to June 67, full of events and pregnant with the next. The story of Karima, Hamza and Abdel Moaty, but rather the story of all of Egypt!
“Our dialogues began to deal with topics that go beyond the fields of love and the Egyptian dialect, and dive into the world of politics and economics. In one of the interviews, Paula appeared as a white angel, after she took a cold shower. She sat across from me on the opposite side of the small round dining table in her studio. She asked me, directing her eyes towards my eyes: Hamza, you are very smart, don’t you want to work in an American consulting firm? Hamza club
“The horror of the surprise brimmed our tongues; The discussion stopped. It is he, with his flesh and fat, “Abdul Nasser,” with his broad smile and white two hands. He took off his sunglasses and motioned the four strange men out of the tent with his fingers. They left the tent, but they didn’t leave us. They stood outside it, and untied the upper part of the cloth of its four ribs from its roof. A window no more than fifty centimeters wide was formed. The bodyguards kept looking at us through it.” Karima Othman
I was surprised by the managing editor whispering, leaning his head from the desktop:
Did you not notice the pigeons that flew in Abdel Halim’s song yesterday?
I thought of course, it is clear that the song was lyrics, melody, and vocals, and it was also directed!
No, with his safety, “Halim,” let his cousin get a cage of pigeons, and fly him in the sky of the officers’ club, in the text of the song “Soura”! What you did not see was left, when the men of the Republican Guard, who were hiding in the trees of the club, came down and arrested the cousin of “Halim.” Abdul Moaty Hello

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