The Book Fair in Tripoli: A Cultural Demonstration… An Oasis of Thought and Dialogue – Tears of Asmar

The Book Fair in Tripoli: A Cultural Demonstration… An Oasis of Thought and Dialogue – Tears of Asmar
The Book Fair in Tripoli: A Cultural Demonstration… An Oasis of Thought and Dialogue – Tears of Asmar
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The book fair in its forty-ninth session in Tripoli, new proof of two main things:

1- The vitality of the “Cultural League” in Tripoli, which is keen on reviving the annual cultural festival in a phase of stifling living and economic challenges.

2- The interaction of Tripoli with its social components and fabric with this cultural event, an indication of the city’s role as a distinguished cultural capital.

It is not only Tripoli and its people who are waiting for this cultural wedding, but also the whole North, and many Lebanese are waiting for the event that will attract publishing houses, writers, poets and intellectuals. Over the course of ten days, they tour the exhibition halls despite the collapsed financial conditions. However, book lovers insist that the book wedding is an affair that cannot be bypassed, in search of new books and titles, within the framework of studies, discussions, and intellectual and cultural dialogues, which the “Association” is also keen to revive to exhibition side.

For the second year, the Association continues to revive the exhibition at its headquarters, after years of reviving it in the halls of Rashid Karami International Exhibition, which needs rehabilitation and restoration. However, holding the exhibition at the Association’s headquarters is another indication of the importance of the headquarters as a cultural beacon in the whole North, except for the intellectual and cultural circles. Convened by the League, signing ceremonies for new publications by authors and poets, and intellectual, literary and poetic evenings, reflecting the interactive pulse of culture in Tripoli and the North, and defying all attempts to marginalize, “demonize” the city, and attempts to fabricate events, confusion and confusion in it.

During the days of the exhibition, Tripoli is vibrant and crowded, despite the financial situation, as well as the corridors of the “Al-Rabta” headquarters and the surrounding streets, with pioneers of culture and writers from all over the north, especially since a number of writers and authors are now timing their publications on the timing of the exhibition, which adds more importance to the main goal From reviving the exhibition to stimulate culture and reading, especially since some of the participants in it deliberately reduce the prices of the books displayed, in order to make them accessible to all, and to encourage perseverance in reading, since the book is one of the most prominent weapons that confront ignorance and artificial ignorance, which aims to fragment society.

The exhibition included a prominent number of new publications, which enriched the Lebanese library in general, and the accompanying intellectual and cultural activities constitute an additional factor in the process of cultural and intellectual enlightenment.