I Will Not Be Afraid Anymore A story for boys about bullying that deals with the responsibility of…

(MENAFN- Youm7) Recently published by Dar Al-Saqi Publishing House, in Beirut, a story for boys entitled “I Will Not Be Afraid Anymore” by Fatima Sharaf Al-Din, and drawings by Al-Zaini, and it is directed to boys in the age period from 9 to 11 years.

The story revolves around Sari, who has been feeling very sad for a while. His mood changed, his focus was distracted, and his parents were confused about him, until he told them the reason: he is the annoying Raji who annoys him a lot at school! The story deals with bullying and how to deal with it, and stresses the responsibility of the school and the parents together to take note of it and treat it in the right way.

Fatima Sharaf El Din specializes in writing children’s and young adult literature. She has won several awards and her name has been included on honor lists, the latest of which is the short list for the Hans Christian Andersen International Award. Her novel “Cappuccino” won the Etisalat Award for Young Adult Book of the Year 2017, and her book “Your Tongue Your Horse” won the Bologna Ragazzi New Horizon Award.
In 2016. To date, more than 140 books have been published in Lebanon, the Emirates, Egypt and Belgium, and some of her books have been translated into several languages.

Ali Al-Zaini is an Egyptian painter and a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Alexandria. He worked in fashion design, interior decoration and children’s stories. He won the Sharjah Children’s Book Award 2018 in the category of Book of the Year for the illustrations of the story “A Dream or Two”, and the Etisalat Award 2019 for the illustrations of the story “I am Flying”. Etisalat 2020 Book of the Year for Young People about the illustrations of the novel “Shaqaeq Al-Nu’man”.

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