Robogroup closes another huge deal in Brazil

The Robogroup company, the leader in the field of research and development of training and education solutions in the fields of science, robotics and technology, reports today (Thursday) that one of the largest educational bodies in Brazil, which has cooperation with leading parties in the local industry, has placed a new order from the STEM division of the company for the period One year contract.

As part of the order, the division will provide licenses to up to 30 schools and up to 8 countries to independently manage virtual competitions in the CoderZ League environment. The expected financial scope from the project is about 920 thousand US dollars (adjacent to the local currency rate) in the company’s estimation, the expected profitability from the project is as usual in other similar SaaS projects of the company.

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In addition, as part of the contract, the company will provide training for the management of CoderZ League competitions to the client’s teachers, will provide professional reports and pedagogical advice on the topic of integrating the competitions into the educational assimilation processes and will provide technical support for the system and for the development of necessary adjustments to the client’s educational and technological environment. The contract period is for one year starting on May 17 2023 until May 17, 2024.

Yarit Levy, CoderZ VP of Business Development: CoderZ brings the eSports experience to the world of education. Competitions are a significant means in the educational environment to encourage the curiosity and motivation of students to explore, persevere, ask questions and collaborate in an experiential and fun atmosphere and we are proud to lead the world of programming and robotics competitions the virtual around the world.

Yoram Deutsch, CEO of Robogroup: “Robogroup believes that integrating programming competitions into the educational and pedagogical environment allows students to be exposed, practice and acquire critical skills from an early age for the developing world of employment. We see the adoption of CoderZ League technology by one of the largest educational bodies in Brazil as a significant expression of confidence in the company’s professional methodology and mission. Alongside the current agreement, we are constantly engaged in negotiations regarding additional supply agreements.”