silent lock in the stock market; Energian fell 8.7%, Top-Gam lost 9.2%

silent lock in the stock market; Energian fell 8.7%, Top-Gam lost 9.2%
silent lock in the stock market; Energian fell 8.7%, Top-Gam lost 9.2%

Current reporting from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: the important updates, prominent stocks, bonds and analyst updates

17:25 – A quiet closing in the stock market: the Tel Aviv 35 and 125 indices without significant change from the opening. Banks fell by 1.1%. Teva shares jumped by 5.4% after the new CEO presented a new strategic plan (a similar increase on Wall Street). After the reports – Energian fell by 8.7%, Top Gum plunged by 9.2%, Al-Bed jumped by 7.6%.

In a weekly summary: the flagship index Tel Aviv 35 climbed by 1.3%, Tel Aviv 125 added 0.7%. Tel Aviv Cleantech strengthened by 2.4% at the top of the industry indices, and Tel Aviv Marketing Chains index fell by 2.5% at the bottom.

Delek Group jumped 9.3% at the top of TA 35, Energian was cut by 7.1% at the bottom of the flagship index. Ormed Pharm rose 32.5% at the top of TA 90, Liveperson fell 14.2% at the bottom.

Israel’s 10-year bond yield completed a weekly jump of 9.3% to 3.89%.

14:00 – Contrary to what is happening in the Energian share, Delek Group is trading up 2.4% and is trading at the top of Tel Aviv 35 along with Bezeq which is up 2.6%.

13:40 – Israel’s 10-year bond yield rises by 4 basis points to 3.82% – the bond yield jumped by 26 basis points this week.

12:00 – The investment house IBI rises by 0.9% on the 17th consecutive positive day, light with the 11th consecutive green day, Canon with 10 days.

11:10 – Dania Sibus rises by 3%, after announcing that it won a tender for a project by Besar Engineering in the 1000 complex in Rishon Lezion – the construction of 2 office towers and a commercial building. The price for the works is expected to be about NIS 475 million and they are expected to be carried out over 3 years.

11:00 – The banks index erased a 0.7% increase and moved to minus 0.1% – Discount weakened by 0.5% at the bottom of the index.

10:00 – Trading opens: Tel Aviv 35 Index rises by 0.5%, Tel Aviv 125 rises by 0.3%, Tel Aviv Banks rises by 0.8% – International at the top of the sector with an increase of 1.5%, Mizrahi Tefahot climbs by 1% .

Shikon strengthens by 1.5% at the top of TA 35, Energian loses 4% at the bottom of the index after the reports. Positive arbitrage pushes Liveperson up 4.5% at the top of TA 90. Alaved jumps by 8% after the reports.

9:55 – Top Gum reported a 15% increase in first quarter revenue to $12.5 million, net profit was $467,000, compared to $1.2 million in the corresponding quarter.

9:50 – Energian reported a 69% increase in revenue to $288.8 million, pre-tax profit increased by 81% to $162.2 million. At the same time, the company lowered its annual production forecast, among other things due to a larger than expected drop in output from the activity in Egypt – the forecast was lowered to a range of 140-125 thousand barrels per day, against 158-131 thousand barrels per day in a previous forecast.

9:30 – Beit Shemesh Engines reports winning the first framework agreement with the US Air Force to provide maintenance services for the force’s F100 engines. The agreement is for a period of one year with a four-year extension option. “As of this date, it is not possible to know how much the compensation will amount to, however, based on the quantities determined by the customer as estimated quantities by him for the entire extended period of the agreement, the company estimates it at approximately 12.7 million dollars.”

9:10 – Elbit Systems won a $305 million contract to supply rocket launcher systems to the Dutch army.

8:45 – In the first quarter, Shikhon Vabinui Energy recorded revenues of NIS 25.1 million, compared to NIS 19.7 million in the corresponding quarter. The company had an operating loss of NIS 10.6 million, compared to an operating profit of NIS 24 million in the corresponding quarter. Thanks to a jump in financing income, the company recorded a net profit of NIS 100.9 million in the bottom line, compared to a profit of NIS 13.9 million at the same time.

8:40 – Alvad reported revenues of NIS 413.3 million in the first quarter, an increase of 16.5% compared to the corresponding quarter. The net profit was NIS 1.4 million, compared to a loss of NIS 2.6 million at the same time.

7:30 – The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will open after a night of strong gains on Wall Street, amid estimates that a solution to the debt ceiling crisis is expected. The Nasdaq index jumped 1.3% yesterday, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 rose 1.2%. The trend continues in Asia – the Nikkei index rises by 1.5%, the Hang Seng rises by 1.3%.

The reports will continue to flow to the stock exchange – since yesterday’s lockdown, results from Man, Elron and Edgar Investments have been published.

Yesterday, the stock market registered a positive lock, among other things with the help of the excellent reports of the banks that pushed the sector. The Tel Aviv 35 Index climbed by 1.7%, Tel Aviv 125 added 1.2%, Tel Aviv Bankim jumped by 2.4% – International jumped by 5%, Mizrahi Tefahot climbed by 4.4% and Discount added 3.8%. More after The reports: Tadiran lost 6.5%, Delta Galil lost 11%.