Discount, Mizrahi and Leumi invested about NIS 4 million in advertising this week

The increase in interest rates, the stubborn inflation and the burdensome mortgages on many households accelerated the competition between the banks in Israel – as those who profit from the current state of the economy, they fight for every customer. In recent weeks, this has been reflected in the interruption of advertisements, but for the first time in a long time, Yifaat advertising control data indicate that this week the banks are also the three advertisers who invested the highest budgets.

The largest investor is a discount bank with about 1.7 millionLyon weighed in the mortgage campaign with Rotem Sela and the alien Berkoni. In second place is Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, which invested approximately NIS 1.3 million in the “Mishkanah at your rate” campaign starring Chen Amsalem and Dvir Bandak. In third place is Bank Leumi, which invested approximately NIS 900,000 in a campaign that commits – through Gal Toran and Margalit Tsanani – to resolve every request within one day.

The Berkoni alien in the discount campaign / photo: screenshot

The three banks are in the first three places in terms of recall, but in an order that does not match the investment: Leumi is in first place, followed by Discount and Mizrachi Tefahot. In fifth place in terms of recall is Bank Hapoalim, which appeared in a slim, calm and quiet advertisement in the pleasant voice of Amos Tamm, who suggests that all banks’ customers contact the mortgage hotline. The only one left out of the game is the International Bank, whose CEO, Samdar Barber Tsadik, announced this week that she is retiring from the position.

Dvir Bendak and Khan Amsalem in the Mizrahi Tefahot campaign / photo: screenshot

Although the banks try to present humorous or even amusing advertisements, the sympathy rating is unquestionably led by the advertisement of Insurance 9 and Audi Kagan, with 27.9% (higher than the half-yearly average of 23%). This is an especially impressive achievement against the background of the fact that it went live over two months ago.

In contrast to all the advertisements in the index, which are part of an ongoing campaign, the ten most memorable ones are closed by a completely new one – that of Elit for the coffee capsules, in which Lenny Kaplan performs his father Yermi Kaplan’s “Already Now” in an adapted version (“How wrong I was, I didn’t imagine, I didn’t guess that there would be so delicious”).

The singing advertisement (“We will not stop singing” is a favorite mantra in the industry) appeals to new customers who are not familiar with the product, and are even reluctant due to the company’s image in this field. The competitor “Nespresso” is not specifically mentioned, of course, but since this week it re-aired the old commercial with George Clooney and Jean Dujardin, it is completely in the mind throughout the viewing.

Interestingly, Shavuot, which will take place next week, is not reflected in the index. The VP of the Geocartography Group, Eli Meshulam, points out that “out of a total investment of about NIS 31 million in advertisements last week, the only advertisement that directly referred to the holiday was that of Terra (the talking utensils and sauces) with an investment of about half a million NIS. However, her recall rates were relatively low, and she was left out of the ranking.”