YouTube will soon show ads that you won’t be able to skip

YouTube will soon show ads that you won’t be able to skip
YouTube will soon show ads that you won’t be able to skip

The platform announced the upcoming introduction of 30-second, impossible-to-skip ads when users watch a video on their smart TV.

YouTube intends to take inspiration from television to attract advertisers. YouTube Brandcast, an annual event held on May 17 in New York, allowed the platform to discuss the new services it is developing for advertisers and YouTubers. In this regard, executives at the streaming video service have reported ads that are impossible to skip for 30 seconds to viewers watching YouTube on a connected TV, Variety reports.

These ads, which viewers won’t be able to avoid, will appear in content YouTube considers to be “best performing” on connected TVs, and are expected to account for 70% of impressions on this type of media, YouTube says. This feature will be available to advertisers via YouTube Select, a dedicated platform that has been around for several years.

YouTube CEO Neil Mohan said:

“More and more viewers are watching YouTube on the biggest screen in their homes. “Viewers, especially younger ones, no longer distinguish between the type of content they are watching. When they turn on the TV, they want everything they love in one place.”

CEO of YouTube

Encouragement to subscribe to YouTube Premium

It must be said that advertising is a strategic lever for YouTube, which now intends to fight ad blockers. Since May 11, the company has launched a testing phase whose goal is to eliminate the use of plug-ins such as AdBlock that allow the removal of advertising on the Internet.

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This urge results in displaying a customized warning message to Internet users who use this type of tool. This warning leaves them with the option of continuing to watch content interspersed with ads or switching to YouTube Premium, the platform’s paid offering that specifically allows them to do without ads.

Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube. Ads allow billions of users around the world to enjoy YouTube for free. You can subscribe to YouTube Premium so you don’t have ads, and content creators will benefit from your registration.”

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