From data to AI: here are some of the technology events you shouldn’t miss

From data to AI: here are some of the technology events you shouldn’t miss
From data to AI: here are some of the technology events you shouldn’t miss

A large part of the advantages in the high-tech and startup community is the large variety of events, which offer various possibilities to expand existing areas of knowledge and to be exposed to new ones, to meet women and people and to hear stories from old and successful figures in the industry. A significant advantage that has remained with us since the Corona days is that some of these events are still in webinar format – so if you have gotten used to the WFH life, you can stay in your pajamas while you learn something new.

Are you organizing an event or a webinar, or have you come across an event for the technological community in Israel? Feel free to update us here by email and publish it for free in our calendar of events.

The recommended technology events of the week

Data lightning talks – meeting of data people and machine learning

When? 21.05.23 (09:30-11:30)

ZipRecruiter is holding a Data lightning talks meeting intended for data scientists, data engineers and ml, machine learning in high-tech companies.
The event will be attended by 7 speakers from companies including Zipperrooter, Melio, Amazon Israel, Apsplayer, Tickle and more, each of whom will speak for about seven minutes in a lecture aimed at inspiring, professionally enriching and giving the participants insights and practical tools in their work. The lectures will cover a variety of topics and aspects related to the world of data, from the latest technologies and trends to practical applications in the real world. This is an opportunity for those involved in the field to expand their knowledge, make contact with colleagues, keep up to date with the latest developments in the field and pose questions to the speakers. The meeting will be conducted in English.

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Leading Cyber ​​Ladies, the DFIR Edition

When? 22.05.23 (17:00-19:30)

Join our engaging cybersecurity event in TLV! Learn about the latest threats & guardrails from experts & network with the pros. Don’t miss!

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AI & Generative AI Summit

When? 23.05.23 (08:30-17:30)

This year’s conference focuses on Generative AI. From the moment the chatGPT was published it seems that Generative AI has taken the stage not only among the technologists, but in the entire population. His power is beginning to be understood by everyone, and what is even more amazing – that we are only at the beginning of the revolution.

With a sense of mission to create connections between communities and people who are interested in the field and shape our future, we created the conference that will present impressive innovations and use cases, thus providing technological and practical insights so that we can make the world a better place.

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