When was the last time you drank coffee with watermelon?

When was the last time you drank coffee with watermelon?
When was the last time you drank coffee with watermelon?

There is no doubt that Nespresso dominates the world of home coffee machines despite the intrusion of giant companies such as DeLonghi and others who may provide more sophisticated machines, but Nespresso still knows how to provide a simple and fun solution to operate alongside diverse coffee styles at a sane price for every home, from singles to a small office.

Innovation is a central value at Nespresso, we act according to it and constantly take care to produce and innovate for the customer base, in order to make the moment of drinking coffee the special moment of the day, and therefore Nespresso has come up with some particularly intriguing innovations, some a little strange and some genius.

Filter style coffee blend with breakthrough technology
Not just espresso. Nespresso launched special capsules that have a fine perforation that provides a slower drip of the coffee to create a rich and strong filter coffee. In my opinion, this is a particularly innovative exit that provides another option for coffee.
The new blend offers a unique experience that starts even before the coffee is ready. Start your new morning ritual – remove the outer wrapper that covers the filter located at the opening of the capsule. Discovering the filter allows you to enjoy the fresh aroma of the coffee in the capsule. Then put the capsule into the machine and indulge yourself with a long and powerful filter-style coffee.
The filter-style coffee blends include particularly powerful roasted notes combined with earthy and smoky notes, alongside refined flavors of caramel and honey that together create a rich cup of coffee.

Sonia Nestasa, CEO of Nespresso Israel: “Nespresso, as a company that led the change in the culture of coffee consumption at home, continues to constantly innovate, while responding to customer needs and using the most advanced technologies. In addition to the strict maintenance of the quality of the coffee, innovation is a central value for us and is reflected in the development of new products both in the field of coffee machines and in the field of our excellent coffee blends.”

Coffee with watermelon, mint and lemon.. what do you think? (Photo: Osnat Guetta)

Cold brew watermelon anyone?

At the same time, Nespresso is launching Cold Brew capsules in a cold brew style, with a velvety and smooth texture, and a watermelon and coconut flavored coffee blend alongside a variety of accessories for drinking at home and outside.
In the collection, the classic Cold Brew is surprising and especially smooth with a rich depth of flavor. The whole story is told with the help of the technology of the VERTUO system, the machine takes out hot water to get the best out of the coffee, and then, non-hot water to reduce the level of bitterness and bring the coffee to the perfect temperature. The mixture is suitable for Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop machines.
The collection consists of coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala and other countries and the summer collection will include additional flavors such as watermelon which I personally did not connect with and coconut which was actually really surprising and delicate. But the classic is really good. For Vertuo machine
Along with the Cold Brew, Nespresso also launched a mixture for cold coffee from Ethiopia and Indonesia that I really liked, which is best suited to drink as a double espresso on ice for someone like me, who doesn’t like watery coffee, a mixture of cold coffee with a coconut flavor and coffee mixtures that are slightly more spicy.


Along with the refreshing flavors, Nespresso is launching a series of beautifully designed accessories that complement the new collection, which will become a must-have item this summer. Among them, a beautiful ice cube tray, cups for drinking cold coffee based on the recipes and a bottle of cold coffee on the go, the Nomad Tumbler ideal for coffee moments at home and on the go. And for those who want to embrace the full barista experience, they will be able to enjoy Nespresso’s barista shaker which comes in a graduated aquamarine color in a limited edition.

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