The company that will pay you $100 an hour to watch TikTok

If you spend hours on TikTok anyway like many others, then you may have found your dream job.

Influencer marketing agency Ubiquitous is looking for three people to get paid $100 an hour to go watch 10 hours on TikTok. The company hopes the effort will help it gauge emerging trends on the Internet.

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To apply for the TikTok Watching position, you must subscribe to the Ubiquitous YouTube channel and send a short explanation of why you are the best fit. The company is looking for people aged 18 and over who know how the platform works – especially trendsetters.

Popular trends that have gone viral on the platform include a video of a boy confessing his love for corn, eventually becoming a revered social media icon known as “The Corn Boy.” Another trend is known as “The Hot Girl Walk”, where content creators share their experiences during long outdoor walks to improve physical and mental health.

After the viewing session, participants will be asked to post their experience on any social media platform of their choice and tag the company. The deadline for applying is May 31. Applicants will be notified seven days after the application closes.

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