An agreement between Emirates Global Aluminium and General Electric to modernize gas turbines at Al Taweelah to reduce greenhouse gases

An agreement between Emirates Global Aluminium and General Electric to modernize gas turbines at Al Taweelah to reduce greenhouse gases
An agreement between Emirates Global Aluminium and General Electric to modernize gas turbines at Al Taweelah to reduce greenhouse gases

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Emirates Global Aluminium, and General Electric Gas Power have signed an agreement to modernize four General Electric 9F gas turbines at the Emirates Global Aluminium’s Taweelah power plant. This step comes with the aim of reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to achieving the goals of the strategic initiative for climate neutrality by 2050 in the UAE.

The application of GE’s Advanced Gas Path modernization to the four 9F gas turbines will include hardware and software improvements to enhance operational flexibility and increase electricity generation capacity, efficiency, and availability of gas turbines. This is the first time that this technology has been applied to F-class gas turbines in the UAE, after it has been successfully applied to six smaller E-class turbines in the country.

GE will also implement Live Outage Solutions, a new approach to maintenance optimization, a digital platform that replaces the paper-based approach, reducing the risk of errors or rework, and speeding up customer maintenance. The company will also implement, for the first time in the world, the upgrades to the F9 turbine fleet.

Once the planned modernization works are completed, the power capacity of the four turbines is expected to increase by up to 72 MW for the same amount of fuel consumed. As for the previous capacity levels of 920 MW, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by up to 74,000 tons annually, which is equivalent to removing more than 16,000 cars from the roads of the UAE.

Abdul Nasser Bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, said: “At EGA, we are committed to taking the foundations of sustainability into account in all our activities and business.

This includes improving the efficiency of our existing fleet of natural gas electric power turbines despite our plans to sell these assets and obtain power for our operations from the public grid. We are pleased to cooperate with General Electric to modernize the electric power plant in Al Taweelah and contribute to reducing the carbon intensity levels resulting from electric power generation operations in the UAE.


In March, Emirates Global Aluminium, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), Dubal Holding and Emirates Water and Electricity Company announced a major initiative that would enhance efforts to develop solar power generation capabilities in Abu Dhabi, develop power plants, improve generation processes, and remove carbon. From the aluminum production operations of Emirates Global Aluminium.

TAQA and Dubal Holding intend to acquire EGA’s power plants, including the Al Taweelah power plant. The energy generated from these plants will be added to the electric power grid under a long-term power purchase agreement.

“We are honored to collaborate with EGA to enhance the performance of the Taweelah power plant,” said Joseph Anis, President and CEO of General Electric’s Gas Power Services and Energy Systems business unit in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We have invested billions of dollars in our currently built portfolio of gas-fired power generation assets in the UAE and around the world. The lifespan of this equipment often ranges from 20 to 40 years, but not all of it simply goes out of service after that time has passed. Therefore, equipment modernization solutions such as the Advanced Gas Path provide a practical means of reducing the carbon footprint of a portfolio of installed turbines in as little as a few months.

It also enables the gas infrastructure to continue its pivotal role in the process of transformation in the energy sector by providing the variable renewable energy resources with reliable, flexible and available energy on demand that can help in achieving stability for the network.

Under the service agreement, GE will be responsible for providing repair, maintenance and spare parts for ten 9F gas turbines, ten generators and other equipment at the plant. This collaboration is an extension of the services that GE has already provided on site since production began in 2009. The 300 units of GE production support the generation of up to 40% of energy in the UAE.

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