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Changes at the global top of Intel: promotion of three Israelis to senior positions

Appointments at Intel Global (photo PR)

Shortly after Shlomit Weiss was appointed as the chief director of Intel’s global engineering organization, the organization’s management announces another round of appointments of three Israelis to senior technological positions at the top of the chip giant:

Fadi Aboud has been appointed an Intel Fellow in Intel’s global engineering group, this is the first time an Arab engineer has been appointed to this technological position in the history of Intel Israel.

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Abood has been working at Intel for 31 years, he specializes in developing tools and innovative planning methodologies to improve processor performance and streamline the development process. The methods he introduced are used by thousands of engineers at Intel today and contribute greatly to the competitiveness of the company’s products. Recently, Abood has been leading the development of a new generation of tools that innovatively integrate artificial intelligence technology to improve product performance. to earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Technion and his outstanding achievements include a joint venture between him and Basma Khalaf-Jobran, with the support of Intel Israel’s management, who established the community of male and female engineers at Intel from the Arab sector (AIC) which operates with great success to this day and already has over hundreds of employees .

The second appointment is that of Jackie Doak who was appointed to the position of Intel Fellow in the processor development and design group. Doak is responsible at Intel worldwide for the development of a set of commands and some of the computing security technologies in the company’s future processors and is also a leader in the field of defining the processors that are planned at Intel’s development center in Haifa. In his 33 years of work at Intel, Doak held a series of different positions in the field of computer architecture and computer security. He was the lead architect of the Merom processor that was announced in 2006 and replaced the Pentium 4 processors. This project put the Haifa design center on a par with the most significant and important Intel design centers in the world. Doak signed 33 patents and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (with a specialization in computer engineering) and a master’s degree in computer engineering from the Technion.

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The third appointment is that of Marcelo Yufa, who was appointed an Intel Fellow in the processor development and design group. Yufa has been managing the “special circuits” group of the engineering organization for about 15 years. Marcelo began his career at Intel about 32 years ago as a developer of O/I circuits that electrically link the processor to its outside world, and over the years he also dealt with the packaging design of the component that provides the physical connection of the processor to the motherboard, the design of the processor’s power supply, the design of the clock system the internal part of the component, which keeps the system synchronized and in harmony, and more. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Technion.

The management of Intel Israel stated, “Each senior appointment is a great excitement and Israeli pride that testifies to the trust that Intel worldwide has in Israeli engineers. These appointments, along with the appointment of Shlomit Weiss, place many Israelis in key positions in the management and leadership of the organization and show appreciation and vitality of the human capital in Intel Israel that has been a partner for years Of all the biggest computing revolutions in the world, and more often than not, he stands first.”

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