This is the collaboration that is expected to change the world of vehicle security

Cyber ​​vehicle protection (photo PR)

Pointer from the Powerfleet group, a vehicle tracking and recovery company, and the startup company ENIGMATOS, which deals in the field of cyber protection for the automotive sector, are announcing this morning (Sunday) a cooperation agreement.

The companies will soon present an integrated and unified solution that will allow companies, government bodies, vehicle fleet managers, car importers, manufacturers and private drivers, and more, to detect in real time attempts by hackers to damage critical systems in the vehicle through cyber attacks. In any case of a cyber attack, a real-time alert will be received to the fleet manager or to the vehicle owner, backed up by a dedicated call center operated by Poynter.

Neta Lampert, CEO of ENIGMATOS, points out that “the field of transportation is one of the five areas most prone to cyber attack” and continued “the cooperation with Poynter will enable real-time monitoring of attacks, thus protecting infrastructure and human life.”

Ilan Goldstein, CEO of Pointer from the Powerfleet group, states that: “The company intends to start the collaboration in the immediate term in order to break through with this unique solution to customers in the international market who are looking for peripheral solutions in vehicle protection.”

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Among the companies that have implemented the ENIGMATOS technology so far are the public transport company Dan, and the Philip Morris company. The company is also a partner in the project in which the aerospace industry won the tender to establish a national cyber center for smart transportation in Be’er Sheva that will test the resistance of private and autonomous vehicles to remote takeover.

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