China’s carbon emissions are low

China’s carbon emissions are low
China’s carbon emissions are low

A report revealed that greenhouse gas emissions in China have been declining since last year, but have not reached their lowest levels yet, as the country’s policies are still not fully compatible with long-term goals to limit the rise in temperatures.

The Helsinki-based Center for Energy and Clean Air Research said, after evaluating emissions data and conducting a survey of 26 Chinese energy experts, that China produces nearly a third of the world’s annual carbon emissions, and its success in achieving its climate goals “is perhaps the single most important factor in the global battle.” against climate change.”

The report added that China had made “remarkable achievements” in areas such as clean energy and electric cars, but was still “off track” in coal-fired power generation and iron and steel plants. And energy consumption, driven by huge industrial economic growth, is increasing too fast to achieve climate goals.

China is expected to peak in emissions by 2030 with relative ease, but experts fear that the total amount of emissions will continue to rise exponentially through the decade as China builds new coal-fired plants and other carbon-intensive infrastructure to address concerns about energy security and economic stability.

The report noted that the higher the level of emissions, the more difficult it would be for China to meet the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060, and added that it was “absolutely necessary” for China to exceed the targets, not just meet them.

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