Keysight with a strong forecast – the stock jumps by 7.5%

Keysight with a strong forecast – the stock jumps by 7.5%
Keysight with a strong forecast – the stock jumps by 7.5%

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The manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the electronics industry, presents a strong forecast for the third quarter, with earnings per share that will be between $2 and $2.06, when analysts expected $2.02. The expected revenue will be between 1.37 and 1.39 billion dollars, compared to the analysts’ expectation which was 1.382 billion dollars.

Susquehanna International analyst Mehdi Hosseini said that the company’s exposure to key areas, such as areas with 5G communication or those with high-speed internet, will help the company grow in difficult macro conditions. “We think that the risk is fully reflected in the share price,” Hosseini added, repeating his positive recommendation for the share, with a target price of $208.

Keysight’s stock has been under pressure this year, with CEO Satish Dhanasekaran saying demand was affected by customers spending less due to the macroeconomic situation, with the biggest hit coming from the largest customers in the commercial communications sector. In its second quarter results, keysight reported earnings per share of 2.12 dollar on revenues of $1.39 billion, compared to analysts’ expectations of earnings per share of $1.95 on revenues of $1.38 billion.

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