Digital Newsletter – Apple features for people with visual and cognitive disabilities, and WhatsApp launches the ChatLock feature to preserve privacy

Digital Newsletter – Apple features for people with visual and cognitive disabilities, and WhatsApp launches the ChatLock feature to preserve privacy
Digital Newsletter – Apple features for people with visual and cognitive disabilities, and WhatsApp launches the ChatLock feature to preserve privacy

An announcement from Apple about the features of its devices to help people with visual and cognitive disabilities

In preparation for the annual developer conference To be held on June 5, 2023, in conjunction with the launch of a phone iPhone 15 prospective, revealed Camel Through a press release on its website about a set of features to enable cognitive and verbal access, which are expected to be launched with the upcoming new version of the iOS 17 operating system.

Among these features is an advantage live speech on iPhone, iPad and Mac computer, Allows users to write what they want to say out loud in personal conversations or during phone calls and phone calls FaceTime.

by advantage live speech Users can also save commonly used phrases to quickly chime in during a live chat with family, friends, and colleagues.

according Camel designed live speech To support the millions of people who are unable to speak or who have conditions that can affect their ability to speak over time.

Users can create a personal voice Personal Voice By reading a random group of text messages to record fifteen minutes of audio on iPhone or iPad.

feature is integrated Personal Voice smoothly with live speech It allows devices iPhone and iPad Generates a digital copy of the user’s voice for use in voice callsand calls FaceTime.So users can speak in their personal voice when calling their loved ones. with an advantage Personal Voice

This technology uses machine learning machineLearning located within the device only and does not communicate with Apple servers. This is in order to protect the privacy of users to the maximum extent.

This feature will also provide Apple: AssistiveAccess (assisted access) To help users with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers make greater use of iPhones way of simplifyingApplications and limiting them to their basic features in order to reduce the cognitive load. Cognitive on users.

And among the set of features that Apple also announced. feature Detection mode In magnifier application that use approach Point and speak Point to speak“. Powered by machine learning technology Magnifier current

The new feature will combine camera inputs with sensor inputs Lidarslight detection technology and range, And machine learning technology to read the text that the camera sees and displays on the screen for users with visual impairments to hear.

This, and the developer conference will start annual On June 5, 2023. Where it is expected to reveal Camel About the first virtual reality glasses, in addition to the usual set of products and programs.

A new feature to secure private or sensitive chats in the WhatsApp application?

Inc. announced meta,The parent company of“WhatsApp” ,remote launch Chat Lock ,she An additional layer of protection for the user, to secure the chat with a person or a group with a password, face scan or fingerprint recognition in the phone, and also hide Chat Lock The content of this chat will not automatically appear in notificationstoprotection sensitive chats.

with an advantage Chat Lock Individual and group chats can be locked easily, by clicking on the name in any conversation, then activating the lock option from the available options, and then when new messages arrive in this chat or from this person, they will not appear until after slowly pulling down to show a folder Locked chatsthen tap on the folder and unlock it with Fingerprint, password or face scan To read new incoming messages.

Currently enabling feature Chat Lock Lock a chat on just one device. The chat will not be locked on other devices where it is usedWhatsApp, Like a personal computer. If the user copies and restores chats in a new device, locked chats will remain locked and will need to use device authentication to view them.

Waiting for the improvement of the use of the feature on different devices, can start to use Chat Lock When updating an app WhatsApp from my shop Google and Apple If available in your geographical area.

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