Tesla introduces its fleet of robots

Tesla introduces its fleet of robots
Tesla introduces its fleet of robots

A few months after Elon Musk presented the first model of the Tesla robot, the company presents improved robots that are already able to perform actions that remind us of the human body in a frightening way. Will they soon replace humans? This is how it looks in the new video presented by the company


| Published 05/17/23 14:22

Photo: Social networks according to section 27a, YouTube

Tesla presented a video demonstration of its humanoid robots at a meeting event for its shareholders. The robots consist of a stable chassis, and step forward together with improvements from the last time. Among other things, they walk without the stumbling that was seen in the first exposure, and they are also able to do human actions such as pick up, identify and arrange objects. Musk solemnly introduced the video and claimed that the robot team had been assembled the night before.

Tesla’s humanoid robot was originally unveiled last year at the company’s AI Day event. At the time, Tesla showed off an unbuilt version of it, with the robot barely able to walk forward, let alone perform any manual labor on stage.

There was another version of the robot that was supposed to be closer to a model resembling a human body, but this version could not stand on its own and had to be supported by a stand that stabilizes it. The robot itself waved to the audience, but did not do more than that.

Now, the company presents new robots of the same model with significant improvements: the robot rotates independently, albeit slowly, knows how to hold objects precisely and has more precise control.

The video highlights some specific updates to the robot project: better force-torque control (a term in physics that refers to the force exerted by objects), detecting and registering the environment, training artificial intelligence from human-tracking movements and object manipulation. One of the robots in the video was shown collecting objects from one container and putting them for a second tank.

Seven months after the previous version was introduced, it seems that Tesla’s robot is on its way to becoming a product that closely resembles a “man in a suit.” Apparently, Tesla will start production of the first robots only after the company delivers the CyberTark vehicles, Tesla’s bulletproof electric van, after several delays.

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