Rania Youssef: “I got fat in my three marriages, and one of them was M.’s passport

Rania Youssef: “I got fat in my three marriages, and one of them was M.’s passport
Rania Youssef: “I got fat in my three marriages, and one of them was M.’s passport

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Actress Rania Youssef, who topped the Twitter trend during the past hours, revealed that she had been betrayed by her three marriages.

Rania said, on “The Blind Date Show2” program: “I was betrayed by one of my three marriages, and the second marriage was not his real marriage and it was a marriage of convenience, and the first marriage that I was staying with was because of my daughters, and the third marriage was divorced on the same day that I knew he had betrayed me and I brought the authorized person to the house because We break up.”

And Rania Youssef continued: “I hate air conditioning, whether in summer or winter, and I love the ceiling fan, and air conditioning cracks me up, and one of the reasons for my divorce from my first marriage was air conditioning.”

She explained: “My first marriage was the most successful among my three marriages, and it was a very difficult decision because the marriage took 5 years, and I divorced and was still in love with him, and in order to be able to make the decision to divorce, I cut my hair.”

She added, “The second marriage was a wrong decision at the wrong time with the wrong person, and the third marriage was under the pressure of my family, his family, my children, and his children, and I was happy for the first 3 years.”

In the “family” section, Rania Youssef talked about her mother and the extent of the impact of this relationship on her daughters, saying: “When I was young, I always had problems with my mother, that she and I did not know how to speak sincerely, and until now, but maybe until the age of 16 and 17, she was in control. I have a terrible control that makes it difficult for me, for example, when I need it, I can’t find it, it doesn’t understand me, we don’t know how to talk to each other sincerely, this created a very opposite need for me.

It is noteworthy that the latest work of Rania Youssef is the series “Alam Tani”, which was shown last January, in addition to her participation in the movie “Keep in mind from what is coming” starring Magdi Kamel, Sarah Salama, Salah Abdullah.

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