Shakira’s wealth is so imaginary that she will not spend it in one life.. You will not imagine the amount!

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homeland– Shakira accumulated a fortune during these years, and was not only the mother of the children of Gerard Pique and continued her music; Rather, she is the owner of several multi-million dollar businesses.

You will need another life!

Money goes to the rich, and in the life of the Colombian singer, that proverb seems to be true.

Now that she is already settled with her kids in Miami, Shakira continues to make her fortune from there.

This woman has many millions in her checking account that neither she nor her children will be able to spend in one lifetime. This is the money she made from her work outside of the music business.

Shakira fortune

Celebrity Net is a portal that specializes in celebrity fortunes, and the money that Shakira earned in these years was estimated at $ 300 million.

It looks like Shakira won’t have to continue working anymore, she can have fun with her kids and they won’t have to do anything but live life.

Shakira and her children

Shakira worked as a TV presenter for 10 years and earned a decent amount of money in that decade traveling to the country she made home on a regular basis.

Perfume trade

The singer was appearing every week on a program that had more than 10 million consistent viewers.

Shakira has made the most of these TV and music hits for the rest of her million dollar career.

Shakira fortune

Shakira fortune


According to the report of the Spanish newspaper okdiario, the Lebanese-born star launched more than 10 perfumes with which she won a few million dollars worldwide.


In addition to this, she has partnered with the gaming giant, Fisher Price, to create her own line of games, which also brings her a good amount of money.

Parade Underwear is her brand of underwear, worn and sold in department stores around the world.

This fashion company will continue to pay Shakira the money as long as she is in the music business, and will even be able to pass it on to her children.

These companies are joined by millions of properties around the world.

Palaces and a private jet

Colombia has palaces in paradises like the Bahamas. With a private jet, Shakira and her children can travel to these palaces whenever they want.

With 300 million in the bank, they don’t need to do anything but enjoy life. Thanks to decades of effort, the singer can rest easy, if she wants to.