Video special – Khitam al-Lahham talks about her childlessness, her relationship with her husband, and what service did Vivian Antonios provide her?

The Lebanese actress, Khitam Al-Lahham, was the guest of the media editor-in-chief, Hala Al-Murr, in the “Stars of Art” program.

Khitam talked about her beginnings in the field of art by chance, after one of the actresses apologized for her role, so she was asked to save the situation and take her place, and her husband, who was working as a photography director, encouraged her.

And she talked about her participation in the series “For Death”, and considered it a complete and integrated work, and talked about her embodiment of the role of the mother, although she did not live motherhood in real life, speaking a little about the subject. And she talked about the actor Wissam Sabbagh, who played the role of her son in “To Die”, and about the participation of the actress Ward Al-Khal in the third part, and she said that she was happy with her, considering that she is a great actress, and she also talked about the actress Randa Kaadi, and the scenes that brought them together.

She referred to her cooperation with the Syrian actress Mona Wasef in the series “Al-Haiba”, and talked about their relationship in real life, although all of their scenes contained hatred, and she talked about the series “Bab Idris” and the series “The Peasants’ Revolution”.

Khitam al-Lahham revealed the fate of her money after the economic situation that Lebanon is going through, and indicated that she originally did not have bank accounts, and revealed that the Lebanese actress Vivian Antonius provided her with a great service in this field, and announced her details during the episode.

To find out everything that the actress, Khitam Al-Lahham, said, follow the episode with the attached video.

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