Berri is an optimist… What’s in his bag?

Berri is an optimist… What’s in his bag?
Berri is an optimist… What’s in his bag?

It was stated in “Akhbar Al-Youm”:

Motivated by urging the parties concerned with the presidential election to decide their options and interact positively with the movement of external efforts and endeavors, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri spoke on the tenth of May of the current June 15 as a deadline for the election of the president, warning: “No one can know where the country is heading from.” By examining the case of vacancy in the position of the presidency of the republic.

Is Berri still at this optimism?

A member of the Liberation and Development Bloc, Representative Qassem Hashem, explains through the “Akhbar Al-Youm” agency that the President of the Council is always optimistic about getting Lebanon out of its circle of crises, and he bets, of course, on the wisdom of the Lebanese in all their diversity.
And he adds: On the issue of the presidential election, Berri is optimistic based on data he possesses as a result of the contacts he makes at all levels and the data available to him.

And on the date of the session, Hashem replies: Berri said a word on the subject of entitlement by inviting the other party to choose one or more serious candidates and announce this explicitly so that a productive session is called, and then we get out of the circle of stagnation and end the vacancy, stressing that Lebanon’s interest is in this The stage in particular is filling the vacuum and starting rescue steps in light of the positive reality that surrounds it as a result of Arab and regional understandings, and this is what Lebanon must exploit and invest in positively.

And he concludes: We have to take advantage of the regional and Arab atmosphere to build an internal consensus so that the matter remains in our hands as Lebanese, and therefore we have to take the basic steps and start from the starting point, which is the presidency of the republic.