Mohamed Hamaki is the reason for my life being cut off

The singer Akmal was the guest of the media, Nancy Magdy, during the Cairo Today program, which is shown on Al-Youm channel, Alfa Bouquet, and the young star talked about his successes and the reason for his sudden disappearance from the music scene.

Akmal revealed that he was subjected to many conspiracies by his colleagues in the artistic community, and he blew up a surprise that Hamaki was the reason for the overthrow of the Delta Voice company, which was contracting with them at the same time, as Akmal explained that the producer in charge of the company told him to dispense with him so that Hamaki would not be angry. , who had become one of the most important stars during this time.

Akmal added that his relationship with Hamaki was good, so that the latter used to call him “Coco”, until he was surprised by the decision to oust him from the production company afterwards.

Akmal Raslan gets into an accident

The singer Akmal published pictures through his account on the social networking site Instagram, revealing that he had been in an accident with his car and that God’s providence had saved him.

Aklam commented on the pictures, saying: “God’s destiny and what he wanted to do.

It was clear from the picture that the car was severely smashed, and he was taken to the hospital to undergo some tests to check on himself, and it was found that he was in good condition.

It is noteworthy that Akmal moved away from singing due to production crises, due to the monopoly contract, which made him suffer from depression, and his weight increased to 135 kilos.

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