May Kassab reveals the secret behind her remarkable grace in the recent period

After the remarkable interest in Mai Kassab’s appearance recently, she appeared with remarkable grace, which won the admiration of everyone, amid questions about the secret behind it.

And about the reason for her insistence on losing weight, she indicated that this is because she often feels tired, especially while playing with her children, which bothered her a lot.

May Kassab resorts to a sleeve gastrectomy

In an exclusive statement to Layalina, May Kassab revealed that she resorted to gastric sleeve surgery in a sudden moment during her visit to the doctor, especially after she spent her entire life on a diet like many women.

She continued, explaining that she was very afraid of the idea of ​​undergoing medical surgeries, in addition to her fear that it would backfire and lose a lot of weight, the opposite of what she wanted.

The reason why Mai Kassab made this decision

With regard to the reason for making the decision to undergo sleeve gastrectomy despite her fear of that, she explained that she spent the past year on a diet for weight loss after her weight reached 100 kilograms, and indeed she lost 18 kilograms in that year.

Mai Kassab’s joy in losing those kilograms was not complete, as she gained them quickly and gained weight directly within 3 months, which led her to severe depression, until an advertisement for the capsule reached her.

She also explained that she was encouraged to do so by a friend of hers named Rufaida. Indeed, she went to the doctor, but he advised her that the best solution for her is sleeve gastrectomy, and that the capsule will not produce good results due to the presence of some health problems.

Watch Mai Kassab talk about the secret of her grace

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Indeed, she was convinced of his words and made the decision immediately, but she was afraid of her husband’s reaction, as he told her that he had no objection, but he was afraid and worried about her, but she reassured him and explained the doctor’s words to him.

The results of the operation on Mai Kassab

May Kassab actually underwent the operation 7 months ago, and confirmed that her results were very good and that she had no complications. She even described it as the best decision she had made in her life, expressing her remorse for not making this decision all those past years.

Regarding the impact of this on her life, she revealed that losing weight had a positive impact on all aspects of her life, especially her relationship with her children, in terms of playing with them and keeping up with fashion like them.

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