In the kitchen.. A new appearance of Abla Kamel, after years of absence, ignites the social media.. Has she changed a lot?!

In the kitchen.. A new appearance of Abla Kamel, after years of absence, ignites the social media.. Has she changed a lot?!
In the kitchen.. A new appearance of Abla Kamel, after years of absence, ignites the social media.. Has she changed a lot?!

Although she is away from media conversations and artwork, she is still an artist Abla Kamel In the heart of her followers, and her audience, from her first appearance on the screen she was close to the audience because of her natural and inexpensive exit, and with the passage of time she began to excel in the roles of motherhood, especially the popular and middle-class mother that made her reserve her seat in the heart of her followers.

New appearance of Abla Kamel

Share an official verified account on the “app”InstagramIt bears the name of the artist Abla Kamel A new picture of her after a long absence from appearing.

And Abla Kamel appeared from inside the kitchen after an absence of years, and many comments welcoming her reappearance poured into the picture.

Abla Kamel returns to social networking sites

During the past periods, the artist Abla Kamel returned to the audience again through a documented account on the social networking site “Instagram”, sharing many publications, especially the satirical ones, while merging them with some of the scenes she presented, which made the followers interact with each post through the account, expressing their longing. she has.

Ashraf Zaki talks about the disappearance of Abla Kamel

It is reported that the artist Ashraf Zaki The captain of the actors talked about the disappearance of Abla Kamel during his meeting with the “VIP” program presented by the media, Amira Badr, on the “Hey” channel screen, and said that he is in constant contact with her through the mobile phone, as he checks on her from time to time.

Zaki added that she told him of her desire after appearing or returning to the artistic scene, while inviting her to be honored at the drama festival that was recently held at the Al-Manara Convention Center.

And the captain of the actors, Ashraf Zaki, stated that he respected her decision because in the end the matter is up to her, and no one can review her with it.

He also revealed the fact that Abla Kamel was away due to the death of the artist Mahmoud El-Gendy Her ex-husband, Ashraf Zaki, said: No, she did not, but she has convictions in her life or things related to her family, which is why she decides to move away, and she has her own thoughts.

And he continued: Once, she made a decision that she would not complete a series, and I went to her in the media production city, and told her that this decision may harm you. She told me that God defends those who believe.

Abla Kamel’s ex-husband reveals her willingness to return to acting, but on this condition

On the other hand, the artist denied Ahmed Kamalthe divorced Egyptian artist, Abla Kamel, news of the able artist’s retirement, revealing her willingness to return to artwork after an absence of three years.

Kamal said, during press statements, that the artist, Abla Kamel, is ready to return to work, but on one condition, which is the complete end of the Corona pandemic in Egypt.

Ahmed Kamal explained that Kamel still has a lot to offer her fans, and she never thinks of retiring, adding that she enjoys good health among her children and grandchildren in the current period.

Abla Kamel Career:

Abla Kamel is one of the most prominent actresses of the eighties and nineties of the last century, and is distinguished by her spontaneous and spontaneous performance, which earned her the love of millions of people. The late Nour Al-Sharif.

Abla Kamel presented many successful works in cinema, theater and television, with the participation of many great stars such as Yahya Al-Fakharani, Nour Al-Sharif, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Muhammad Sobhi and Laila Elwi…, the most prominent of which was “Point of View”, “I will not live in the shadow of my father“,” Morning and Evening Talk “,” Hysteria “, and many others.

And the last work of the artist, Abla Kamel, was the series “Silsal Al-Dam”, which was shown in its last part in 2018, and it was starring: Riyad Al-Khouli, Ahmed Saeed Abdel-Ghani, Rania Farid Shawqi, Randa Al-Buhairi, and directed by Mustafa Al-Shall.

Abla Kamel Marriages:

Abla Kamel married the artist Ahmed Kamal and had two daughters, Zainab and Fatima, then she separated from him and married the late artist Mahmoud El-Gendy, and she also separated from him.

The artist, Abla Kamel, was associated with the artist, Ahmed Kamal, through her work with him on stage. A love story arose between them, and she got engaged in 1979. After she finished her studies, the marriage took place, and in 1986 she had her twin daughters, Fatima and Zainab.

Abla Kamel began to become famous through her work in cinema, television and theater, but Ahmed Kamal continued to present theatrical works, and things differed between them, and a separation occurred.

And in one of the interviews with the artist, Ahmed Kamal, he stated the reason for his separation from her, and he said: “Abla and I started together, but her journey was her rhythm or circumstances.

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