This is the only artist that I wish with all my heart to work with? .. His unexpected answer shocked everyone!! Nort Newspaper

This is the only artist that I wish with all my heart to work with? .. His unexpected answer shocked everyone!! Nort Newspaper
This is the only artist that I wish with all my heart to work with? .. His unexpected answer shocked everyone!! Nort Newspaper

exit solution Mohamed Samiguest on Your interaction programprovided by the media Sarah DandrawiAnd during his meeting, he revealed many secrets about his artistic career, in addition to his response to the accusations leveled against him by some against his artwork, which they described as “rapid consumption,” and also revealed the artist he wishes to work with.

The director, Mohamed Sami, responded in the “25 Questions” paragraph in his interview with the program: “The artist who, if she worked with me, would appear differently? She is the artist Abla Kamel».

And he continued, “The most important advice I got was advice from my friend Imad Ziadeh. When I returned to the arena after the offspring of strangers, he told me: When you come back, there will be no malice or a spirit of revenge inside you.”

And he added, “The issue that I like to highlight is the one that has to do with women, treating women better and empowering them in society.”

In response to a question: “Who is more deviant.. Muhammad Sami, the director, or Muhammad Sami, the author?” He answered, saying: “Muhammad Sami, the author, is employed by Muhammad Sami, the director. The director is the most important.”

Muhammad Sami responds to criticism and confirms: My work is not for consumption

During the meeting, director Mohamed Sami responded to the accusations leveled against his artworks that they are consumer businesses.

He said: “My works are not for quick consumption, and if this was true, we would not have remembered the “Al-Ostoura”, “Al-Prince”, “Premeditated” and “Adam”.

And Sami continued, explaining: Those who say this are people whose business did not achieve success and who try to reduce the effort and success of others.

And while it is said about him that during the filming he quarrels and insults his workers, Muhammad Sami said: I do not insult those who work with me, but I am in a nervous state because of the pressures and because I want the work to appear in the best way.

During the meeting, Mohamed Sami confirmed that he would not work again with the artist Ghada Abdel Razek After his last work, he brought them together. As for the topics he likes to raise in his works, he said that he is interested in discussing women’s issues, their rights, and their empowerment in society.

The series “Jaafar Al-Omda”.

Director Mohamed Sami continues to celebrate the great success achieved by the series “Jaafar the mayorStarring the star Mohamed Ramadan, which was shown in Season Ramadan 2023 The past, with the participation of a group of TV drama stars.

The work was starring Muhammad Ramadan, and a number of big stars participated in it, Ahmed Dash, Issam El-Sakka, Ahmed Fahim, Iman Al-Assi, Zeina, Menna Fadali, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Munther Rihana, Tariq Al-Nahri, Ahmed Abdullah, Fattouh Ahmed, Salwa Khattab, Magdy Badr, Salwa Othman, Guri Bakr, Ihsan Turk.

It is worth noting that Jaafar Al-Omda series Written and directed by Mohamed Sami, and produced by Media Hub “Saadi Jawhar”, under the auspices of United Media Services.

The events revolve around a popular social framework, around Jaafar the mayor (Muhammad Ramadan), who is in his fourth decade of life, married to 3 women, owns contracting companies, and enters into many conflicts, whether at work or away from work, then during his career he meets “Aida” (Zina ) and gets to know her, and a story full of surprises arises between them, as Jaafar experiences a tragedy that lasts for several years after the loss of his son and his kidnapping by unknown people.

“Harley” movie

It was also presented to Muhammad Sami recently.Harley movieWithin the Eid Al-Fitr film season, which he co-wrote with the director of the work, “Mohamed Samir Mabrouk,” and its revenues exceeded the barrier of 33 million pounds, amid fierce competition for a number of cinematic works.

The Harley movie, starring Mohamed Ramadan, May Omar, Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Dash, May Kassab, Ismail Farghali, directed by Mohamed Samir and written by Mohamed Sami and Mohamed Samir Mabrouk, and a number of other stars and artists.

The film revolves around Harley, a mechanical engineer, who returns from the Gulf with his family to complete his studiesEgyptHis intelligence and speed lead him to work with a gang, and he becomes the most prominent element and closest to the gang leader.

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