Marwan Khoury flirts with his wife..and the picture is “elegant”!

The Lebanese artist, Marwan Khoury, shared with the audience a nice picture of his wife, Nada Ramal, with her dog as she petted him and drank a cup of coffee, and expressed his great love for her.

Marwan Khoury wrote, commenting on the photo: “May the souls bless me…” and impressed the audience, who talked about his romance and kindness.

Marwan Khoury participated with his wife, Nada Rammal, in a funny challenge called “Know your partner”, through his page on a social networking site, and his wife also republished it.

The couple dueled in answering personal questions related to the details of their married life, calling on his partner, at the end of the challenge, to help him discover himself, and vice versa. The Lebanese artist commented on the post, asking the question, “Is it possible that we don’t know about each other?”

Nada admits that Marwan’s extra kindness towards others arouses her jealousy, unlike the husband, who hides his jealousy from her in disguised silence, despite his temperament, which is not a subject of discussion between the two parties. But that’s okay, isn’t it her only weakness? Marwan’s cold nature makes Nada angry, while Nada’s stubbornness and nervousness make Marwan angry, but things soon return to normal between them with just a smile.

According to the video, the couple wakes up in a very calm mood in the morning, as usual. Marwan drinks espresso with a little sugar, while Nada eats cappuccino, which she prefers over coffee. They practice the hobby of shopping and tasting delicious meals, and the two partners often feel bored in their daily routine by going to shopping malls.

The challenge ends between a loving couple who confessed the word “I love you” for the first time over the phone with a hug and a kiss.

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