I drew it with my own hands.. Did Ghada Wali steal other drawings from the Russian artist?

Theft of the Russian artist’s drawingsA state of controversy prevailed among social media users about the fact that Russian plastic artist Grigory Korasov accused Egyptian designer Ghada Wali of stealing his designs and using them in an advertising campaign without his permission.

Ghada Wali stole other drawings from the Russian artist

Pepsi advertisement

Cairo 24 alone published the details of the Russian artist’s accusation of Ghada Wali of stealing his works again after the first incident related to the drawings of a subway station, after he accused her of stealing his designs and using them without his permission in an advertising campaign for Pepsi.

Pepsi advertisement

Lawyer Ahmed Hassan confirmed that his client, Russian artist Grigory Korasov, decided to take legal action against Pepsi and designer Ghada Wali, in the United States of America.

Pepsi advertisement

The intended advertising campaign belongs to the 7UP brand owned by Pepsi, which was in 2018, when the company issued a limited edition of “7UP” packages bearing artistic drawings that express Egyptian culture in different eras, and the campaign was successful and praised by Pepsi 7UP.

Pepsi advertisement

And designer Ghada Wali came out, in a video clip on her Instagram account, and denied the accusation, and confirmed: The campaign for this invasive graphics company was carried out in 2018, confirming: I drew these drawings with my own hands.

Ghada Wali added: No one can say any accusation that we believe without saying any evidence, confirming that she will also resort to the judiciary.

That incident was not the first time for Ghada Wali with Korasov, but rather it had a similar incident when the Russian artist accused her of stealing his artwork and using them in murals in the Cairo subway in July 2022 without obtaining his permission, and this was confirmed by the National Authority for Tunnels’ apology to Korasov, the removal of the murals, and the announcement of taking legal action against her.

Pepsi advertisement

The new accusation of theft against Ghada Wali came from the words of the Russian artist’s lawyer in Egypt, but Korasov himself did not directly accuse Ghada Wali through his social media pages, as happened in the first case of artistic theft.

Pepsi advertisement

Going back to the Russian artist’s Facebook page, we found a painting posted on March 2, 2015, titled “#225 CHESS”, with a woman Korasov calls The Chess Queen who bears a striking resemblance to the woman in Ghada Wali’s designs for Pepsi’s 7UP ad campaign that she said she painted in 2015. 2018.

Original design by the Russian artist

The picture drawn by Korasov referred to the clear similarity between his drawing and Ghada Wali’s drawing in her advertisement for Pepsi, where he placed a crown of red and white triangles on the woman’s head, which is the same crown that appears in the design that Ghada Wali attributes to herself, which prompted the artist to ask: When did we see a crown of red and white triangles in ancient Egyptian images? This is the chess crown.

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