Death due to endometriosis

Death due to endometriosis
Death due to endometriosis

Friday 19/May/2023 – 09:53 PM

A user of the TikTok application, Sherihan Youssef, appeared on her personal account, in a state of severe collapse, in a video showing that her 17-year-old brother, Omar, died of hot Korean indomie, after it destroyed his kidneys and caused his gallbladder to rupture, and he suffered 5 days before his death.

Death due to Korean Indomie

Sherihan said during the video: I do not know what to say, I will not say to my brother, this is my son, the son of my heart, the closest thing to me is that he moved to the mercy of God Almighty.

In another video clip, after a large number of followers inquired about the cause of death, she explained, saying: Praise be to God, and God forgives and has mercy on him. A 17-year-old boy loves the burning Korean indomie.

And she added: Take care of your children, don’t eat Indomie, and share the video as much as you can. Our Lord will never write it down. A 17-year-old groom does not mourn the one who created him. May God have mercy on him.

Indomie damage

A nutritionist for Cairo 24 previously indicated, in exclusive statements, that Indomie contains a high amount of sodium salts. What affects kidney health and an increase in blood pressure, as it contains saturated and hydrogenated fats, which negatively affect the health of the heart and arteries, due to the types of spices and flavorings, and continuing to eat sodium in a large amount increases the risk of stomach cancer, heart disease and strokes.

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