She lost 30 kilos.. Mai Kassab wears the same dress before and after the diet.. You won’t believe how her features changed? (photo)

She lost 30 kilos.. Mai Kassab wears the same dress before and after the diet.. You won’t believe how her features changed? (photo)
She lost 30 kilos.. Mai Kassab wears the same dress before and after the diet.. You won’t believe how her features changed? (photo)

The Egyptian artist litMai Kassab“Google search engines during the past few hours, with a new look that impressed social networking sites after publishing a picture that was circulated by social media pioneers.

Where she drew great attention to her, after she lost a lot of weight, as Mai Kassab appeared in more than one photo after she lost weight and turned into agile on several occasions.

Mai Kassab’s new look raises controversy

The most prominent of these images, published by the artist, May Kassab, was wearing a patterned dress on her daughter’s birthday, mixed with calm colors and wide sleeves, with a belt in the middle and a runway with layers of roses, with an ideal and graceful weight in Dubai.

Mai Kassab dress ignites communication sites

And after posting a picture on the famous social networking site,InstagramIn a dress she wore before, it turned out that the actress Mai Kassab lost a lot of weight, until her shape changed 180 degrees after the operation.

It is noteworthy that “Kassab” had worn the dress two years ago in 2021, while celebrating her husband Oka’s birthday, and Mai Kassab promised her fans that she would lose her extra weight, and indeed she fulfilled her promise after two years in 2023.

The secret of Mai Kassab’s agility

Last Ramadan, Mai Kassab was a guest on the “Secret Ink” program, which is shown on the “Cairo and People” channel, and she said that the reason for her operation was Gastric sleeve To lose weight is not because she was bullied because of her excess weight, but she wanted to lose weight for the sake of her daughter, Dalida, who always urged her to become graceful and wear elegant clothes.

And she explained: “My daughter, Dalida, was the reason for me losing weight. I was able to play with my children, and not move comfortably with them, and this was the right decision I made in my life.”

She also added that she decided to perform the operation in one day and went to a doctor to make a stomach capsule, but she received advice to perform a sleeve gastrectomy because she was suffering from a hiatal hernia, and that the operation’s decision was the most correct in her life.

May Kassab in the series “Jaafar El-Omda”

And the actress Mai Kassab participated in “Jaafar Al-Omda serieswhich was shown on dmc channel and platform Watch itDuring the last Ramadan race, the 2023 season, the series witnessed tremendous and great success.

The work was starring Muhammad Ramadan, and a number of big stars participated in it, Ahmed Dash, Issam El-Sakka, Ahmed Fahim, Iman Al-Assi, Zeina, Menna Fadali, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Munther Rihana, Tariq Al-Nahri, Ahmed Abdullah, Fattouh Ahmed, Salwa Khattab, Magdy Badr, Salwa Othman, Guri Bakr, Ihsan Turk.

It is worth noting that the Jaafar El-Omda series was written and directed by Mohamed Sami, and produced by Media Hub “Saadi Johar”, under the auspices of United Media Services.

The events revolve around a popular social framework, around Jaafar the mayor (Muhammad Ramadan), who is in his fourth decade of life, married to 3 women, owns contracting companies, and enters into many conflicts, whether at work or away from work, then during his career he meets “Aida” (Zina ) and gets to know her, and a story full of surprises arises between them, as Jaafar experiences a tragedy that lasts for several years after the loss of his son and his kidnapping by unknown people.

And she talked about this scene, saying in media statements: “From the first time I read the role, I knew that this series will remain a trend.. When Muhammad Ramsan said Soraya’s slipper, Mrs. Zeinab trended for a week, my tears were going down.. We remain understanding that this is flirting with the audience.” And she added, “Ramadan threw this sentence to the audience, so that they could tell them that Thuraya’s slippers are trending today, and it really is a trend.”

Mai Kassab in the series “The Game 4”

Actress Mai Kassab is currently participating in the fourth part of the series Game serieswhich is called the “Champions League” and is shown through the Shahid VIP platform.

The game series, the fourth part, includes a distinguished group of stars, such as Akram Hosni, Chico, Hisham Majed, Ahmed Shaheen, Muhammad Utaka, Mirna Jamil, Sami Maghawry, Mahmoud Atef, along with others from the upcoming parts, and the work is written by Ahmed Saad Wali, accompanied by Muhammad Salah. Khattab, directed by Moataz El-Tuni.

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