Mona Mamdouh documents her visit to Adel Imam: You are the leader, and because of you, I remained an actress (video) | news

Actress Mona Mamdouh documented her visit to the great star, Adel Imam, through a video clip that she posted on her account on the social networking site Facebook.

Mona Mamdouh appeared in the video, accompanied by Adel Imam, and sent him a message saying: “I want to tell my teacher that because of him I stayed in the cinema and remained an actress and a very great need, thanks to him after our Lord Almighty, the great professor and leader Adel Imam, thank you for every need.”

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And she added, “Professor Adel from 2008 was convinced of my talent as an actress, and thank God he stood beside me and told me to go and go.”

Adel Imam and Adel Suleiman, his business manager

And she continued: “May God protect you, Professor Adel, I thank you, and at any time you will tell me, come like me, one scene, I will run, because you are goodness and blessing, and you are the leader, and you will prefer the professor.”

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Adel Imam and his brother Essam Imam

It is noteworthy that Mona Mamdouh participated in the movie “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” by leader Adel Imam, in 2007, and presented the role of student Mahitab.

Adel Imam and Adel Suleiman

Adel Imam celebrated his 83rd birthday on Wednesday, among his fans, children, and grandchildren. His brother, producer Issam Imam, artist Yousra, artist Lebleba, and artist Khaled Sarhan attended the birthday.

It is mentioned that Adel Imam has been absent from his fans and fans for 3 years, and his last appearance in the drama was through the series “Valentino”, which was shown in 2020, and the late Dalal Abdel Aziz, the late Samir Sabry, Dalia Al-Buhairi, Wafa Sadiq, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Muhammad Al-Kilani and others participated in the work. Directed by Ramy Emam.

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