Beware of wearing black on these occasions..the reasons will shock you – Watan

Beware of wearing black on these occasions..the reasons will shock you – Watan
Beware of wearing black on these occasions..the reasons will shock you – Watan

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homeland- Black is the color An elegant and delicate color, as many people love it, as it is very easy to wear every day and more than once in different ways and with multiple colors.

Although it is sometimes comfortable to wear it, the American magazine “Bast Life” has warned against wearing this color on these occasions for many reasons.

Daytime festivities in the summer

Daytime summer celebrations such as luncheons, weddings, and engagement parties usually have a cooler color scheme.

“Black is a very heavy color and can look overdone if you’re going for a light, airy event,” says Grace Van Cleef, personal stylist and founder of Amazing Grace Styling.

“I suggest choosing neutral colors like navy or pale gray,” she added.


Personal stylist Dana Lynch says:The wedding is a symbolic celebrationChoosing black to attend this occasion is not the best choice.”


And she added, “So I recommend wearing clothes Floral print to create a romantic atmosphere. And if the party is outdoors, especially on a hot day, these light colors will help you feel comfortable and calm.”

If you don’t like these colors, Lynch suggests wearing a dark neutral like navy blue to brighten your look.

An occasion or event in hot weather

Since it absorbs the most heat of all colours, Black should be avoided on hot days.

Wearing black clothes may cause discomfort or even a high temperature in such circumstances.

Furthermore, many insects are attracted to dark colors, which can be an added nuisance, especially if you are having an outdoor event on a hot day.

job interview

Black is elegant, professional, and looks good on many of us. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for interview clothes.

However, Erin Huston, a stylist at wearwell, says it might not be the best color to go with A must wear if you are about to apply for a job interview.

job interview

She added, “Your goal is to be different and distinct from other candidates. So, look for a jacket instead Same A little inscription would catch the attention of a business owner.”

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