Souad Hosni’s girlfriend detonates a surprise about Cinderella’s murder after 22 years

Souad Hosni’s girlfriend detonates a surprise about Cinderella’s murder after 22 years
Souad Hosni’s girlfriend detonates a surprise about Cinderella’s murder after 22 years

The case of Saad Hosni, the name of the artist, Souad Hosni, topped the trend of social networking sites during the past few hours, and the talk about her murder case has returned again after 22 years have passed through social media.

The return of the case of Muftal Souad Hosni again

Nadia Yousry, a friend of the artist, Souad Hosni, said: “She will reveal surprises regarding the case of Souad Hosni for the first time.

And she added through the “Facebook” website: “She will publish letters to the artist, Souad Hosni, written in her handwriting, and she continued:” She expresses her pain, fatigue, psychological and financial problems, and answers some questions that have been repeated for 22 years.

Samir Sabry talks about the murder of Souad Hosni

In 2018, the late artist Samir Sabry revealed new secrets in the case of the murder of the late artist Souad Hosni, explaining that the report of the British forensic doctor confirms that Souad Hosni suffered a blow to the skull, blue bruises, and there is no fracture, and the Egyptian forensic doctor confirmed the same findings. to his English counterpart.

“Sabri” asked, saying: Is it possible that a 55-year-old woman falls or falls and does not suffer a single fracture, even in her finger, stressing that what he reached confirms that Cinderella was subjected to a violent quarrel in her apartment, and she tried with all her might and effort to save herself, However, her clash in the “suffocation” led to her falling head on a wooden object, which led to her death instantly.

And he continued during a previous interview with him: “The lady who owned the apartment in which Souad Hosni died in London, sometimes she used to cry and tell me that my beloved died here before my eyes, here, then she returns to deny it, and this confirms the narration that she was subjected to violent suffocation, she was forgiven in it, but she died in the end.”

He explained: A novel that Souad Hosni was subjected to a theft incident resulted in an attack on her, then her death, which is closest to the truth, adding: “When I wandered around the room of the artist, Souad Hosni, in the psychiatric hospital in which she was receiving treatment, I found a letter from the National Bank of Egypt in London, and when I read it, I found That 45,000 pounds sterling was transferred to her party, in exchange for her participation in the movie “The Shepherd and the Women”, and Souad Hosni spent the amount a week before her death .. While the woman in the house with her, called “Nadia Yousry”, in Britain, said that Souad left 4 Only thousands of pounds, which is 45,000 pounds sterling.”

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