On his 83rd birthday.. Did Adel Imam decide to retire from art?

On his 83rd birthday.. Did Adel Imam decide to retire from art?
On his 83rd birthday.. Did Adel Imam decide to retire from art?

And local media reported, according to unnamed sources, that “Adel Imam believes that he has played his role to the fullest, and that he currently prefers to move away from the artistic scene, just as his friend, the artist Salah Al-Saadani, preceded him to that decision.”

Imam had appeared on Wednesday in a group of photos during the celebration of his birthday at his home with his artist friends and a number of his family members.

During those pictures, which came after the disappearance of nearly two years, signs of aging appeared on Adel Imam.

Sky News Arabia contacted director Rami Imam, son of Adel Imam and his brother Essam, to ascertain whether or not he decided to retire from art, but they did not respond to requests for comment.

Adel Imam himself no longer carries a phone in the recent period, and his last interview with a satellite channel broadcasting from Egypt on his birthday took place on the phone of the artist Lebleba, who was attending the celebration at his home.

During this conversation, which did not last more than a minute, Adel Imam appeared present in the mind and uttered a sarcastic sentence on the air in response to his interlocutor, who did not ask him anything about his artistic future.

Actress Lebleba, in turn, told Sky News Arabia that, “during all the hours she attended Adel Imam’s birthday party at his home, she never heard a word from him meaning that he had decided to retire.”

She added that the general atmosphere was dominated by a state of joy and happiness from lovers and friends, noting that there was no talk of retirement or anything like that.

And she added that Adel Imam himself, when he spoke to one of the TV channels on her phone, did not address such a decision, and it was clear to everyone that his health was good and his mind was present.

Adel Imam was born on May 17, 1940 and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, then he turned to acting and was famous as the most prominent Arab comedian, and he presented many action and action films, but he also starred in many tragic roles, and he also presented films that confront religious extremism, the most famous of which is the movie “The Terrorist”. And political films such as Sleeping in Honey, Terrorism and Kebab.

Adel Imam’s artistic career includes more than 130 films, 11 plays and 16 TV series.

The last movie by Adel Imam was in 2010 under the name “Alzheimer’s”, and it was discussing Alzheimer’s disease that affects the elderly, and therefore rumors often appeared in the past period confirming his infection with it, and the last one was last year, but his family and those close to him denied this more than once.

The last artwork in which Adel Imam appeared was the series “Valentino” in 2020, and since then he did not appear in any artwork, and there are those who attributed the reason to disagreements with the production companies that are currently on the scene, and there are those who attributed the issue to his advanced age and senile diseases.

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