Because of the maid’s case.. Marwa Abdel Moneim attacks Wael Al-Ibrashi after his death: He wronged me and did not forgive him

Saturday 20/May/2023 – 10:30 AM

The artist, Marwa Abdel Moneim, expressed her dissatisfaction with the late journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, who hosted the family of her deceased maid in her home, after accusing her of being the cause of her death.

Marwa Abdel Moneim said in a special statement to Cairo 24: Wael Al-Ibrashi wronged me. He brought the maid’s family and made sad music and told them they were the ones who were wronged.

And Marwa Abdel Moneim continued, that she is still being attacked by the public, because of the maid’s case, even though her innocence has been proven, saying: People are still attacking me despite the news of my innocence, because the news spread in a much smaller way than the propaganda that got the case itself, so no one read The news of innocence, and until now, there are people who comment to me and say, Isn’t this the one who killed the maid?

Statements by Marwa Abdel Moneim

On the other hand, Marwa Abdel Moneim recently spoke about The people who abandoned her in her ordeal while away from art, confirming that Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, was the first to support her during her artistic career, and she said in televised statements: Ashraf Zaki is one of the most people who stood with me.

And she continued: I will not say who abandoned me, but there are people who are arrogant that they stay with me, and this upset me very much, although we were not friends, but there were ten of us in the artistic community.

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