Amr Diab, Hamaki and Ehab Tawfik support Hamid Al Shaeri at his daughter’s wedding (video and photos)

The plateau, Amr Diab, ignited the wedding of Nabila, the artist’s daughter Hamid Al Shaeri In a major hotel in the presence of close relatives and friends.

Al-Hadaba sang a group of his most beautiful works, and he started exchanging dances with the newlyweds and his friend Hamid.

Nabila Al-Shaeri, the artist’s daughter, was kidnapped Hamid Al Shaeri All eyes are on her with the dress she wore at her wedding, which is currently being held in a major hotel.

Among the most prominent attendees at the wedding of Hamid Al Shaeri’s daughter, the artist Yousra and the musician Touma.

The artist’s daughter’s wedding took place Hamid Al Shaeri In one of the major hotels, in the presence of close friends and relatives, and one of the most prominent attendees was the artist, Yousra.

Hamid Al Shaeri’s daughter appeared in a charming look during her wedding photo session.

In March 2022, the daughter of the artist, Hamid Al Shaeri, celebrated her engagement at a family party.


In November 2022, the artist Ehab Tawfiq celebrated the birthday of his friend, the artist Hamid Al Shaeri, in his own way.

and post Ehab Tawfik Pictures on his Instagram account with stars the art The most prominent of them are the artist Akram Hosni and Issam Karika, in addition to Afroto and Marwan Moussa.

His real name is Abd al-Hamid Ali Ahmed al-Shaeri, he was born in Benghazi on November 29, 1960, to a Libyan father and mother. Egyptian His artistic beginning was by joining the Libyan Radio Ensemble, after which he sought to form a singing group called “Sons.” AfricaIn 1983, he released his first album, “Oyounha”, but he failed and despaired, and decided to return to the study of aviation. At that time, the producing company decided to support him and released his second album, “Rahil”, which became the beginning of his musical success.

Hamid entered the world the art From the gate of composing, he contributed to making most of the melodies of the eighties generation, and collaborated with singing stars such as Ali Hamida in the album “Lolaki” in 1988 and Ihab Tawfik in his first artistic album, “Kemni”, and he achieved great success.

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