Saudi Arabia.. The opening of the first women’s salon staffed by men only angers the Saudis! (a witness)

Saudi Arabia.. The opening of the first women’s salon staffed by men only angers the Saudis! (a witness)
Saudi Arabia.. The opening of the first women’s salon staffed by men only angers the Saudis! (a witness)

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homeland- In light of the alleged wave of openness led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a conservative country, social networking sites in the Kingdom were abuzz with a wave of anger after announcing the opening of a women’s salon in Riyadh that would employ only men.

And a video clip spread on “Twitter” revealing and promoting the opening of the salon in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in which the person responsible for it appeared, speaking that they have several branches in the world, such as: Morocco, France and the Emirates, announcing that this is their first branch in Saudi Arabia.

The salon manager confirmed that this is the first women’s salon in which only young professionals work.

She explained that the salon specializes in everything related to hair, including cutting, treatments and extensions, in addition to providing manicure and pedicure services.

Anger sweeps “Twitter” in protest and denunciation

The announcement of the opening of such a salon aroused the anger and resentment of many tweeters, who denounced the Kingdom’s arrival in this situation, while some of them demanded the necessity of closing it.

In this context, the Saudi poet, Fahd Al-Ohali, said, commenting on what was reported: “If this statement is true, then we demand that it be closed before it opens.”

For his part, Ali Al-Yami commented, denouncing the situation in his country, saying: “The world is ruined..I saw alone here downloading pictures of random people with one and words of love. Her response shocked me that he is only her friend, and they even travel together.. Shocked by God.

Tweeter, Reem Al-Saeed, expressed her anger by saying: “No, so, too much, why is that??!! .. Is it possible that they took normal permits????!!!!

As for the tweeter, “Majeed,” he said, contenting himself: “No comment other than more. Oh God, do not hold us accountable for what the foolish of us did.

And the tweeter, “Boisel”, said: “It’s farce, I swear to God, and I don’t expect our daughters to please a strange man who touches them!”

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, assumed his position on June 11, 2017, to succeed Muhammad bin Nayef Al Saud, thus becoming one of the most prominent decision-makers in Saudi Arabia.

Since that time, Saudi Arabia has witnessed many transformations on multiple levels, religious and economic, as well as in the details of the internal relations in the family.

The alleged openness policy

Mohammed bin Salman has worked over recent years to pave the way to the throne, and pursued a policy of “openness” in Saudi society, through means that were not familiar before in the Kingdom, where the system of government is described as “hardcore”, as it changed the nature of government and the basics of society to an extent. big.

Singing parties, mingling, and receiving pornographic film actors

On the level of society, the past five years witnessed qualitative changes, as it was allowed to open cinemas and hold concerts, and Saudi Arabia, through the Entertainment Authority headed by Turki Al Sheikh, who is close to the Crown Prince, attracted artists from all over the world, who held concerts on the land of the Kingdom for the first time. , with the aim of winning over an internal youth audience, in preparation for the change that Ibn Salman seeks, in addition to granting women new powers and opening the way for them to mix, which was previously forbidden.

Social changes also crossed the boundaries of convention, to the point of allowing the hosting of festivals, masquerade parties, and pornographic film actors, which sparked controversy, internally and externally, about the purpose of these changes that worked according to the logic of the shock doctrine.

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