Adel Imam decides to retire from art permanently: “I performed my message.”

Adel Imam decides to retire from art permanently: “I performed my message.”
Adel Imam decides to retire from art permanently: “I performed my message.”

During the past years, there has been a lot of news circulating about the preparation of the great artist, Adel Imam, for a new movie that he will return to the cinema, in partnership with his son Muhammad Imam, and directed by Ramy Imam, entitled “The Valley and His Father.”

Adel Imam’s brother had confirmed this more than once in several press statements.

However, the Egyptian artist, Sherif Helmy, recently came out to confirm that the leader did not intend to participate in any new cinematic or television work, and his decision to retire from art, after he had completely played his role.

The artist, Sherif Helmy, who participated in the celebration of the leader’s eighty-third birthday at his home, said that when Adel Imam asked about the possibility of his return with a cinematic or television work, “Does anyone want something from me?” I did not do all the things. “Okay.. I fulfilled my mission and my role.”

It is mentioned that Adel Imam has a great artistic career through which he has achieved great successes, as he has so far presented 126 films, 16 series, 11 plays and a radio series, and among his most prominent works in cinema are (Thieves but cute, Searching for a scandal, The wallet with me, some go to the authorized twice, Adventurers around the world, keep in mind your neighbors, a man who lost his mind, two people below zero, a person lives once, the suspect, at the door of the minister, the gang of Hamada and Toto, the beggar, the craftsman, love in the cell, Antar carrying his sword, five doors, the ghoul, so as not to Smoke flies, avocados, two on the road, watch out for the line, one by one, a pair on call, keep your mind off your mind, humans and jinns, the halfoot, a crackoon in the street, peace my friend, the tiger and the female, the birth, the sun of adultery, playing with adults, Terrorism and kebabs, Al-Mansi, Bakhit and Adila 1 and 2, Birds of Darkness, Sleeping in Honey, Hello America, Prince of Darkness, The Danish Experience, Groom from a Security Side, The Embassy in Architecture, Yacoubian Building, Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Hassan and Morcos).

In addition to a large number of series, including “Dreams of the Flying Boy”, “Tears in Insolent Eyes”, “Professor and Head of Department” and “Valentino”.

He presented plays for several plays that achieved great public success and lasted for many years, such as “The School of Rioters”, “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal”, “Shahid Mashafash Hajja” and “The Leader”.

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