Souad Hosni’s sister attacks Nadia Yousry after announcing the opening of the Cinderella murder case: a participant in the crime

Friday 19/May/2023 – 07:29 PM

Gangah, sister of the late Souad Hosni, commented on Nadia Yousry’s announcement to open the case of Cinderella’s murder again, 22 years after her death.

Gangah told Cairo 24: Nadia Yousry is just a false witness to the death of Souad Hosni, and she has no right to open the case, and those who are entitled to it, but they are the family of the late and Nadia is mainly accused of killing her. Whose right does she want to take and say she is wronged?

Souad Hosni’s sister added: Nadia Yousry is involved in the crime and is speaking now because she is making a trend and saying any words because she is looking for money behind the case.

Nadia Yousry opens the case of the murder of Souad Hosni

Nadia Yousry previously wrote on her Facebook account that she will bring the Cinderella case back to the scene again, and will reveal the papers of the Stoltyard investigation into Suad Hosni’s suicide for the first time, confirming that she will also publish letters in Souad Hosni’s handwriting revealing her psychological suffering and going through a financial crisis before her death. And it will answer many questions that have been the talk of public opinion for 22 years.

Nadia Yousry confirmed that some people trade in the death of Souad Hosni for their own benefit, and therefore she decided to recover her right from those who wronged her, saying: I am sure that our Lord, the just right, will honor me and give me my right from them and from every one who wronged me and slandered me, God suffices me and He is the best disposer of affairs in you, but salvation is near Get rid of sincere, God willing.

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