“Not understood.” Mona Zaki’s first comment on the series “Under Guardianship”

“Not understood.” Mona Zaki’s first comment on the series “Under Guardianship”
“Not understood.” Mona Zaki’s first comment on the series “Under Guardianship”

Mona Zaki talks about the success of the series Under Guardianship in Ramadan 2023

said the Egyptian actress Mona Zaki She was excited to participate in the series Under Guardianship, which was shown last Ramadan, because it is a living embodiment of a major problem that Egyptian women suffer from after the death of their husband.

The star, Mona Zaki, spoke about a file guardianship On the children, in a phone call to the “She and Wes” program broadcast on the Egyptian CBC channel.

The Egyptian star added that the problem discussed in the series is “a model among many of those around us, such as friends and neighbors,” noting that writers Sherine and Khaled Diab, when they presented her with the idea of ​​working in addition to director Mohamed Shaker Khudair, were afraid to participate because the issue is real. Many women and their children were affected by it.

She explained that the series also dealt with the idea of ​​seeing women as unqualified to take care of their children, even though they are closest to them, with the greatest tragedy being that children miss their fathers and feel their mothers are weak before the law.

The Egyptian actress said that she did not expect the great success achieved by the series and the approval that prompted many to move to change the guardianship law.

Mona Zaki’s dress, which she wore at the Cannes Film Festival, is inspired by the series Under Guardianship (Facebook)

And she pointed out that there are many women who suffer from many pressures, saying: “There are many women whose conditions are not the best thing, and they raise children as good and honorable, and we are proud of them. “.

Mona Zaki indicated that she was affected by her scenes with children during the events because it stems from the instinct of motherhood, which is in addition to her influence on the details of the personality that she embodied, noting that she aims to communicate her feelings to the audience in its various issues, and always follows her feelings and not with the aim of causing “confusion” in society or provoking controversy. .

Mona Zaki stressed that the current law of guardianship is incomprehensible and strange, and it is unfair to the widowed woman and the breadwinner.

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