Muhammad Ramadan provokes the Egyptians by bundles of dollars.. and moved in parliament!

Muhammad Ramadan with his private plane and packages of dollars next to him (before the image was modified and cropped)

An Egyptian parliamentarian to the Minister of Finance: The total amount that Number One received over 3 years in 3 dramas is equivalent to 155 million Egyptian pounds, not including his wages from advertisements and concerts.. So did he pay the taxes due?

Published in: May 20, 2023: 03:34 PM GST
Last updated: May 20, 2023: 03:55 PM GST

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Ramadan, raised the controversy again, after he posted on his account on the social networking site “Facebook” several pictures of his private plane upon his return from the United States, with bundles of dollars next to him.

Ramadan performed several concerts in the United States during the past week, and also sparked controversy when he appeared naked from his upper half while riding a camel and wandering the streets of America, where it was said that it was a depiction of one of the songs that the artist will release soon.

The tweeters differed in their reactions to the pictures of Ramadan with bundles of dollars next to him on the plane. Some considered it a provocative, deliberate and controversial behavior that the artist used to, while others considered them ordinary pictures and indicated that Ramadan won a lot from his concerts in America, while a third team said that there Whoever criticizes such behavior only because it comes from Ramadan, and may not criticize it if it was from someone else.

After the controversy raged, Ramadan resorted to deleting the pictures in which the dollars appear clearly, and was satisfied with one picture in which the dollars appear in an unclear manner.

Mohamed Ramadan’s photo before and after modification

And it seems that this time it will not go unnoticed, as one of the female representatives in the Egyptian House of Representatives submitted a parliamentary question to the Minister of Finance and the head of the Tax Authority regarding the extent of the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s commitment to paying the annual taxes due on him, according to what was reported by the “Cairo 24” website.

And the explanatory note to the request for briefing submitted by the deputy stated: “The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, recently appeared in a group of photos, returning from America via his private plane, which is estimated at 6 million dollars, which is equivalent to 180 million Egyptian pounds, and on the other side, bundles of dollars appeared next to him. The hundred-dollar category, as if he was indifferent to it, is estimated at approximately one million dollars, which is equivalent to 30 million Egyptian pounds.

The member of the House of Representatives indicated that “any artist who achieves profits and gains as a result of his participation in works of art is a natural and legitimate matter as a profession that he earns from like all professions, but the question that comes to mind, which we address to the Minister of Finance and the head of the Egyptian Tax Authority about the extent of the artist’s commitment Muhammad Ramadan, to pay the annual taxes due on him on the legal date, and the extent of his commitment to submit the tax return, and is it identical to his real wages, and is it identical to the data obtained from the various authorities.

The member of parliament revealed that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, who calls himself “Number One” in Egypt as a result of being the highest paid in the artistic community, “was paid an estimated 65 million Egyptian pounds as a result of his participation in his last artistic work, Jaafar Al-Omda, which exceeds the wage he received in The series “Al-Mishwar” in Ramadan 2022, when you get 45 million pounds as a reward for his artistic work, which is the same wage that he received in the series “Musa” in Ramadan 2021, meaning that the total amount that Muhammad Ramadan received during 3 years in 3 dramas is equivalent to 155 million. Egyptian pounds, not added to his wages as a result of his participation in advertisements and lyrical celebrations inside and outside Egypt,” according to the Egyptian parliamentarian.

And the member of the House of Representatives pointed out that in June 2022, Muhammad Ramadan was accused of tax evasion on the grounds that he submitted a tax return that included incorrect data on his profits and gains, as he concealed his official income figures and recorded numbers that do not reflect his real income.

The representative concluded by saying: “The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, throughout his artistic career, we did not see any community contributions or participations from him. In all countries of the world, we see art stars playing a societal role towards their country within the framework of their social responsibility.”

It is noteworthy that it is not the first time that Ramadan has raised controversy by publishing pictures of dollars. In April 2021, he appeared in a video clip throwing a large amount of money into a swimming pool.

What helped fuel the controversy at the time was that the matter coincided with the issuance of a court ruling against him obliging him to pay compensation of 6 million pounds in favor of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr in the famous case between them, but it later became clear that this was part of the filming of a song.

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