Yasmine Sabry in a sexy look from inside the gym, showing her endurance! (video)

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homeland– The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, demonstrated her physical endurance, with a new image and video clip, through her account on “Instagram.”

45 minutes of exercise

And Yasmine Sabry appeared in the new clips with wet hair, while she was practicing “yoga”, wearing a black top and red and black striped leggings.

Jasmine appeared with wet hair

In the other video, Yasmine showed that she exercised on one of the machines for more than 45 minutes.

Yasmine Sabry left the photo and video without comment, but she made it possible for her followers, who flirted with her beauty, grace and endurance.

Yasmine Sabry

Yasmine Sabry

One of the pictures in which Yasmine showed her stamina

Opening the pelvis

Yasmine Sabry previously shared a similar picture a few days ago, but it is more exciting and attractive.

And Ahmed Abu Hashima’s ex-wife appears in her while she is inside the gym. And I managed to master one of the most difficult fitness exercises; “Opening the pelvis”.

Yasmine Sabry

Yasmine Sabry

The goal of doing pelvic floor exercises is to relieve tension in the muscles

It is worth noting that the goal of pelvic floor exercises is to relieve tension in the muscles.

As when doing the opening of the pelvis, the legs will be stretched all the time.

Gym instructors recommend “pelvic splits” as part of their exercise routine. Especially if the trainees are doing activities like running or cycling.

The photo, which Yasmine Sabry shared through her official Instagram account, was admired by thousands of her followers, who praised her grace, beauty and elegance.

Despite the difficulty of maintaining it as a daily routine for many, Yasmine Sabry periodically shares her photos and videos while she practices various exercises such as (yoga, pilates, and cardio) on her Instagram account. Where she enjoys great admiration and interaction from her fans and colleagues in the artistic community.

“father of descent”

On the technical level, Yasmine Sabry returns to the cinema after an absence of 5 years with the movie “Abu Al-Nasab”, in which the artist Mohamed Imam co-stars.

It is the third collaboration between Yasmine and Imam, after their success in the movie “Hell in India” in 2016, and the movie “A Night Here and Pleasure” in 2018.

And Yasmine Sabry has previously revealed in new statements that she is living a period of cinematic activity, and is participating in two films besides the movie Abu Al-Nasab. Noting that one of them is action and is scheduled to be released in the summer.

And the series “Forsa Tania” was the last of Yasmine Sabry’s dramatic works, and it was shown in Ramadan 2020.

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