Al-Hadaba at the wedding of Hamid Al-Shaeri’s daughter: The first time we sang with an allowance after the strings

Al-Hadaba at the wedding of Hamid Al-Shaeri’s daughter: The first time we sang with an allowance after the strings
Al-Hadaba at the wedding of Hamid Al-Shaeri’s daughter: The first time we sang with an allowance after the strings

Adel Abdullah

Friday, May 19, 2023 10:49 PM

The plateau, Amr Diab, revived the wedding of Nabila Hamid Al Shaeri and Shewan, which is now being held inside a major hotel.

Abu Al-Arousa Hamid Al-Shaeri danced with the plateau Amr Diab during his singing, and Amr Diab joked with him, saying to him: “The first time we sang with an allowance after the belts.”

It is noteworthy that the star, Hamid Al Shaeri, celebrated the marriage of his daughter, Nabila, and her groom, Shewan, a few days ago, inside one of the event halls in New Cairo, in a family setting.

Recently, the artist, Hamid Al-Shaeri, was a guest on the “Wakmman” program, which is concerned with singers of the eighties and nineties, and was presented by the media, Maha Al-Sonbaty and Hisham Hanafi, the former star of Al-Ahly, on On Sport FM 93.7. This album did not achieve success, but the irony is that the song Oyounha has become a “trend” at the present time, more than 30 years after its release.

Al-Shaeri said that despite the lack of success of her album, Oyounha, but the production company Sonar at that time believed in my talent, and insisted on working together again, and after that we produced Rahil’s album, which achieved amazing success, specifically the song “Where are your days, where?” which is considered the beginning of the real launch of my singing career. Al-Shaeri said that the song “Ayni”, which he collected with singer Hisham Abbas, was one of the most successful duet songs that he presented during his career..

Al-Shaeri revealed, during his dialogue, the scenes of his discovery of some of the stars of the nineties generation, including: Mustafa Qamar, Ihab Tawfiq, Hisham Abbas, Hakim, and other stars, as Al-Shaeri said: “I discovered Mustafa Qamar during my stay by chance in Al-Ajami .. While I was walking, I was surprised that there was a gathering of the audience in one of Places…and at that time I found Mustafa Qamar singing with the guitar, accompanied by the poet Sameh Al-Ajmi, and the audience gathered around them…and I was surprised at the time by Mustafa Qamar’s singing talent, and from here his journey with singing began after I decided to contract with him through the Sonar Production Company.

As for the discovery of the artist Hakim, Hamid said: He discovered it by chance through the daughter of Hakim’s brother, whom he met in one of the places where advertisements were filmed, and she told him that her father’s brother had a better voice than him. big.












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