Colors of the homeland | Samir Sabry’s estate guard reveals a secret he discovered during his illness and two books that did not leave him

A whole year has passed since the artist Samir Sabry passed away, although he left his fans and lovers since this time, but the artist, nicknamed “Prince of Delight”, remained immortal with his art and personalities that his fans enjoyed, during which he was able to record a bright history, which made him one of the most important stars of his time.

With the first anniversary of his death, which falls today, Saturday, “Abdul Nabi” Harith Al-Aqar reveals details of his life, and the inheritance crisis between his cousins ​​and cousins, saying: “There is a dispute between the cousins ​​or heirs and the children of the aunt, and the heirs took some property, including a Toyota car.” By a court ruling about 4 months ago, and the apartment lit up after the dispute over it, I used to deal with him directly, especially in the recent period, during which he got tired, and he used to come to the apartment in a wheelchair.”

“Abdul-Ghani”, the real estate guard located in one of the streets of the Mohandessin district in Giza, confirmed that the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was keen to visit Samir Sabry from time to time: “I have been here for 5 years as a real estate guard. He treated me very well, and his relationship was good with his neighbors, and his friends were They visit him continuously, and among the artists, the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi kept visiting him in the apartment.


A secret discovered by the guard in the life of the late artist

When asked about what he discovered in the life of the artist, Samir Sabry, during the period he was close to, he confirmed to Al-Watan that he was keen to do good and help others. People, and they used to tell me Professor Samir, this is a lot of good for me, and that is why they were always asking about him, even during periods of his illness, they wanted to stand beside him, and this was his relationship with anyone who needed him.

“The apartment contained pictures of his works of art, hung on the walls, including movie scenes, pictures of old-time actors on public occasions, some books in his private library, the Qur’an and a book about dhikr that they would not separate from, and there was a book on the artist Farid Shawqi and the artist Nadia Lutfi.” .. According to «Abdul-Ghani».


Did you offer Samir Sabry’s apartment for sale?

And about the conditions of the apartment and the rumors that claimed the apartment was offered for sale, he revealed that it is unfounded. “Rumors arose that his apartment in Mohandessin will be sold, and this is not true. I lit candles while waiting for the court’s decision. The area of ​​the apartment is about 230 square meters, and Mr. Samir Sabry did not want to sell the apartment during his lifetime.


The building has a sign hanging below it indicating that this is the place where the artist Samir Sabry lived: “This building is known if Professor Samir was in it, and I attached a banner that he lived here, months after his death, and it was inhabited by some public figures, and at a time when the artist Samah Anwar and the artist Dalal visited him. Abdulaziz”.

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