Her father rushed to go out and imagined the dress of joy

A state of great sadness prevailed among the people of the village of Taraa Al-Saidi, affiliated to San Al-Hajar, Sharkia Governorate, after the death of a father and his daughter, Shahd, in a terrible traffic accident on the “Ramses-San” road a few days before the latter’s wedding.

While the people of San Al-Hajar, yesterday, Friday, shared the bodies of the two deceased, and they went out in a solemn funeral scene with tears and prayers, amid the collapse and crying of the people after performing the funeral prayer for them after Friday prayers in their hometown.

The last moments in the life of the father and his daughter

Shahd’s mother said, with tears falling from her eyes: Hours before the tragic accident, my husband left the house heading to Port Said Governorate on a business trip. Upon his return to the village, my daughter Shahd met him at the entrance of our house, telling him in the text: “Sorry, father, I know that you are very tired from traveling. But time is short, and I want you to come with me to the atelier, so I can measure the wedding dress.”

The last picture of the Eastern bride minutes before her death, Vito

And she added, “Hamada Jozy did not refuse Shahd any request, because it was his soul and his eyes that he saw with, and they went together to the atelier, and the world did not make her happy.”

And she continued: “When they arrived there, she used to talk to me on the net firsthand, to the point that she sold me her picture while she was wearing a dress of joy in order to take my opinion, and I told her in the text: God structures you even, O witness, you will remain the most beautiful bride, God willing, my daughter.”

And she concluded: “After that, I went to the prayer hall to perform the Maghrib prayer, then I was surprised by some of the villagers knocking on the door hard. And I ran with them to the scene of the accident to see their corpses on the road, and I was devastated and people were trying to calm me down.. Our Lord give me patience for their separation.. I will not be able to live without them. They were my soul, by God.

The bride and her groom, Vito

Delivery of the bodies

The Public Prosecution in Sharkia Governorate issued, earlier, a decision to hand over the bodies of their relatives to the families of the two victims of the “Ramses – Sun Al-Hajar” accident at the top of Abu Amer Bridge and near Al-Saidi Canal in the governorate, after identifying their identities, to bury them in their family’s graves.

The two bodies were handed over to a person named “Hamada.R.T.L.” (a worker) in his forties and his daughter, “Shahd,” who are residing in the Al-Saidi San Al-Hijr canal, to their families today, and they were taken to their final resting place after they were killed. After a terrible collision while they were on their way to visit some of their relatives and invited them to the wedding, which was scheduled to take place within 48 hours after the bride finished preparing the marital nest.

The father of the bride, Vito

Accident details

The security services in Sharkia received a notification of the death of a father and his daughter, after their motorcycle crashed into a speeding car, which caused their death. They were taken to the hospital, and the bodies were placed in the hospital morgue.

The detectives moved to the scene of the accident, and it was found that a citizen and his daughter, residing in the San Al-Hajar area, were killed as a result of their motorcycle colliding with a speeding car.

The moment of the death of the eastern bride and her father, Vito

Transport the corpses to the morgue

Ambulances rushed to the site of the accident to try to rescue them, but they died as a result of the accident, and they were taken to the hospital, and the bodies were deposited in the hospital morgue until the necessary procedures were completed.

The funeral of the eastern bride and her father, Vito

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