Watch the video and audio .. a huge crocodile bites the tail of a giant elephant. Watch this rare wildlife shot that you will not see before!!

The elephant is a peaceful animal that feeds on grass and plants only and does not eat meat in any way, but it lives in the forest among predators that eat meat such as lions, tigers, crocodiles, leopards, and others.

In this scene, a giant, kind elephant appeared, walking in the middle of the river waters close to the tropical forests, and walking freely as if it was bathing in the water without taking any caution.

Suddenly, while walking inside the water, a huge crocodile appeared, biting the elephant’s tail, so that the elephant screamed and hit the crocodile with its big zumba, trying to keep it away after it felt severe pain.

The elephant is one of the huge animals, the relationship that is the largest animal on earth in size, and despite this great weight, it is very kind and does not attack any animal except for extreme necessity.

Previously, we published several very interesting clips of elephants, one of which was an elephant that was also drinking from the lake water, and suddenly it was chased by a group of lions and lionesses that tried to prey on it.

Despite the large number of these animals on him, he was able to get angry and ran and issued his distinctive, terrifying sound in the hearts of the lions that failed to capture him.
Honestly, I am a huge fan of the elephant animal. When I was young, I loved listening to the cartoon Babarovelle, His Trunk Is Long, Babar, one of the most beautiful series stuck in my memory so far.

Now watch these few minutes of the giant elephant and how it behaved when a crocodile tried to bite its tail.

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