Treat your wife in the bedroom.. 4 things that every wife wishes her husband would do with her.. but she is ashamed to ask him.. get to know your wife

When marital life passes for many years, apathy and boredom between the spouses may affect it, so experts in family and marital relations advise to renew the marital lifestyle from time to time, and break the barriers between the spouses.

Especially during a relationship, and the wife is usually ashamed of expressing or revealing her feelings, and these things are what cause the destruction of the relationship between the spouses, so the man must be quick to understand and experience, and understand what is going on in the husband’s mind and implement it on his own and not expect his wife to ask From that, and in this article we will learn about 7 things that the wife desires during the relationship, but she is ashamed to ask her husband for it.

7 things women are ashamed to reveal about a relationship

The man must know that without telling his wife, and the most important of these things are:

1- Control in , as the woman wants to satisfy her desires more strongly by imposing domination over the entire pace, speed and timing of the process.

2- During the operation, it increases, and she wants it greatly before and during this procedure, whether for the mouth, cheeks, or any other area, as it is very desirable for the woman.

3- A woman feels happier when changing conditions, changing places, and changing habits. Even changing bedding or sleeping places may make her feel older.

4- Women hate being distracted, even if it is for work or an important matter.

5- Arousal before the operation, so the woman likes to arouse her for as long as possible before.

6- Most women love imagination and innovation in the process.

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